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  WANEY 10:47 13 Sep 2007

This may sound a daft question, but...
when you change your e-mail address, what happens to messages sent to your previous address

  Clapton is God 11:24 13 Sep 2007

If you continue to subscribe to the ISP which provided that address, you will still be able to send/receive e-mails from that address.

If you are moving to a new ISP you will lose that address, unless the 'old' ISP allows you to take the 'old' address with you to the new ISP.

  recap 12:57 13 Sep 2007

Further to Clapton is God's post, if you do not wish to use the old address anymore, just don't log in to it. After a certain timeframe it will become redundant (usually 30 days or there abouts).

  TonyW2 16:58 13 Sep 2007

It may be useful to set the old address to "forward messages" to the new one, (if you actually would like to get any mail still sent to that address); this will save you the effort of checking your old box until the old address gets deleted from non-use. But it may stop you realising that somebody is still using an old address in their records.

Presumably you are not asking about what happens to old messages stored at the ISP and in their archives????

Also be aware that if you are using Outlook Express on your own computer for your e mail, then if you change your ISP, although you will still get messages sent to your old address, the "reply" facility will fail.

  WANEY 19:31 13 Sep 2007

Thanks Clapton etc, the main reason I'm changing is to get rid of the 40/50 daily spam messages in Outlook Express; I still want to stay with O.E but will the messages to my previous address still be coming in somewhere on my PC.
I have the same address in Web mail, so if I change that to my new address what effect will that have?

  recap 19:51 13 Sep 2007

If you delete the old email address from OE you will not receive any emails for that address. the emails will remain on your ISP's server until the account is redundant.

  TonyW2 19:56 13 Sep 2007

No problems then, if you are divorcing yourself completely from the old one. Start from scratch.

In O/E you can go into tools/accounts/add and set up a new account for your new address and then delete the old one. You can get the information to enter, from the old "account" properties, but using the new address where appropriate.
(If you are changing your ISP,as well as the address, the information to input will be slightly different and obtained from the new ISP.)

In the web mail you just need the new address setting up and delete the old.

Thereafter any messages get bounced at the ISP level (not on your PC)and then lost, as far as you are concerned.

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