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  User-32F5D119-B383-42EE-A9169069AA1C8C8F 14:51 11 Mar 2004

I run Spy Bot, Norton Anti Virus 2003, Zone Alarm and am fully updated and patched from all sources. Checks tell me that I am free of any infection and spyware etc However I am getting e-mails returned to me, that I have not sent, by servers as undeliverable. The e-mails are for prescription drugs.

I use a second party e-mail address, have the senders accessed my server ID?

Apart from changing my server, can I stop this.

Does it matter?

  Stonechatz 14:58 11 Mar 2004

... folks can clone email addresses - just as they spoof whole sites. It stops the anti-spammers from finding them, and shutting them down. Change ure poassword just in case, and report it to youe email supplier/isp.

  xania 16:23 11 Mar 2004

I have had the same problem and my ISP (Claranet) does not want to know. Fortunately, I can't see that its causing any problems at present. My e-mail address is <myname>@<mygroup>.clara.net, and the highjacked part is @<mygroup>.clara.net with <myname> normally replaced by any random string of characters. Short of getting a new <mygroup>, there appears to be nothing you can do about it, and no-one seems to worry.

  john-232317 16:40 11 Mar 2004

Its how the netsky worm works,it probably got your addy or one close to it from another PC address book, and its making up addys from it.

Nothing to worry about, you will probably soon get people saying they had an email from you with a netsky worm attached, but there is nothing you can do about it.

Read about it here. click here

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