E-mail address change

  heavymetalkid 23:14 04 Sep 2005

I'm being plagued with disgusting Spam e-mails, up to 30 a day and growing.Reluctantly I've decided to change my address.....just the section before the @,which I understand I can do without contacting my ISP.
Can anyone tell me if I can go to my address book and send one message to everyone in it,informing them all of the new address?

  Taff36 00:02 05 Sep 2005

Yes this is possible. Which ISP are you with and which e-mail client are you using? (Outlook Express, Outlook) It depends how many people are in your address book as to whether your ISP (Or indeed your Anti-Virus) will let you send all the messages at the same time. Anti-virus will kick in if a certain number of messages are sent within a certain time frame - it is looking to detect virus activity, so you`d better tell us which one you are using.

Basically I think you check out the above first and then set up your new e-mail address and do a couple of test messages. Compose your notification e-mail using your new address - I would include instructions for the recipients to add your new address to their own address book. (e.g. In OE open the message and then select Tools>add sender to address book)and delete your old one. Then select the To: and send the message to yourself. Then select the address book icon next to the CC: and your address book should open. You will see an additional pane for BCC. Highlight the first name in your address book and then scroll down to the last. Hold down the SHIFT key and click on the last address - the entire address book should be highlighted.

Now click the BCC tab. (Blind Copy means that none of the recipients e-mail addresses will appear at the top of each e-mail thus protecting your address book privacy and saving potentially a long list of addresses!)

I would stress you should check out the details first and post back so we can check it out. Also note that spam is prevolent and there`s no guarantee that this will stop it. Have you tried Mailwasher for example? This will preview your mail and allow you to blacklist senders before the mail actually gets downloaded from your PC.

  Taff36 06:48 05 Sep 2005

Mailwasher click here I get over 60 a day and that`s down to the lack of spam controls at breathe. I cannot afford to change my e-mail address and this free programme makes the job easy. Give it a try unless you really do need to change.

  maveric 07:49 05 Sep 2005

You could change your email program to Thunderbird. It has a built in spam filter, works great. It will transfer all your ie settings and addresses over. click here

  Graham ® 08:07 05 Sep 2005

You can put anything you like before the @, it won't affect the amount of spam you get, or the mail you receive. Try mailing to yourself using a different 'front' name, you'll see they still come in.

So changing it would have no effect.

  heavymetalkid 23:47 05 Sep 2005

Thanks people for responses. Taff I'm with Wanadoo and use Outlook Express. I've got Mailwasher and have been using it for weeks. No help at all, in fact it seems to have made the situation worse and I Blacklist and Delete but don't Bounce. Actually I fail to see how it stops them coming at all. They fill up Mailwasher and if I click on one to open it, then they all drop into Outlook Express.
Hi Graham and thanks. I don't understand how, if I change my address.....even by one digit, the scumbags can still get their crap through. How would they know the changed address?

  anchor 09:38 06 Sep 2005

I recall Freeserve, (now Wanadoo), telling me that anything placed before my user name would still come to me.

For example, if your user name was holmes, and you normal e-mail address was, [email protected], then any prefix before holmes would still arrive in your in-box.

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