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  tmac 14:26 29 Jan 2007

I have left ntl and gone over to Sky for my broadband. My NTL account does not run out till early February. I have completely disconnected the NTL modem.
I have now 2 e-mail accounts one is pop.ntlworld.com and the other pop.sky.com.
When my NTL account runs out will the pop.ntlworld.com e-mail account not be able to receive.
I need to know as if it does not then I will need to let all my contacts know to use the sky.com account

  mattyc_92 14:53 29 Jan 2007

Most ISPs allow you to keep your email address and others give you a warning that the email address is being deleted (and some time to tell your contacts).

I haven't actually used NTL, so I don't know what path they will choose. Perhaps a phone call to their support is needed?

  Aargh 15:16 29 Jan 2007

Why not try it out. If you use Outlook or OE, all you need to do to keep accessing your NTL mail account should be to change you smtp server to the sky settings ie smtp.sky.com or whatever, and keep using your NTL user name & password.

I don't know if NTL will keep your email account active, but I've changed between several times without problem.

  ArrGee 15:19 29 Jan 2007

Just asked a friend of mine who stopped using NTL about a year ago. She can receive her NTL account emails but not send.

Best check with NTL.

  tmac 15:27 29 Jan 2007

Thank you for that but I now have another, more serious, problem. I tried to set up a third account as I wanted to cahnge my user name and now OE is trying to access this account and no mail is coming through

  ArrGee 15:36 29 Jan 2007

Are you sure you have the correct pop and smtp settings?

  tmac 17:03 29 Jan 2007

I think I am confusing the issue !!!
I use incredimail and incredimail is trying to connect to the new account I set up.
I can still receive mail through outlook express
I have checked the pop and smpt settings and they seem OK

  Aargh 17:10 29 Jan 2007


get your friend to change her smtp server to her current isp and she will send mail ok. She can obviously still pick up her account on the NTL pop server.


make sure you have set up the right pop servers for each account, and the right mailbox names and user names/passwords etc for each.

Each pop account will obviously need the correct individual details to access the correct mailboxes.

You can set up multiple accounts in OE. You should be able to use your Sky smtp server to send all of them.

  ArrGee 08:54 30 Jan 2007

Cheers for that. I'll let her know.

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