e-mail access problems

  alfredgerald 15:28 16 Dec 2010

There are 4 separate users on my PC each with their own account. Running XP. All are able to access their e-mail accounts via Outlook Express. When we are away from home we encounter a problem. We log into our ISP, Talk Talk, but only the main account holder can view his messages. Is there away that each account holder can access their individual e-mail addresses?

  johnnyrocker 16:07 16 Dec 2010

if their adress is a talk talk one there should be no problems accessing web based access via talk talk otherwise i doubt it


  Pineman100 16:11 16 Dec 2010

Just to be clear, is each user logging into the Talk Talk website with their own email address and password?

This should enable each to see their own emails.

  alfredgerald 14:32 17 Dec 2010

Each user has an individual account but the password is the same for all users. This is how it was set up originally by the ISP. It was originally a Tiscali account as are the e-mail addresses.

  Sea Urchin 16:14 17 Dec 2010

The password may be the same - but the addresses are not. Each user must log in individually to access their mail. And of course you could change the password/s if you wish.

  alfredgerald 13:54 18 Dec 2010

More information please. One of the users (not the main account) logs on to the Talk Talk web site mail as themselves e.g. [email protected] and enters the joint password, but it wont go to their mail. We get an error message saying either their address or the password is in error. Any thoughts

  johnnyrocker 16:08 18 Dec 2010

maybe it is have you checked?


  alfredgerald 13:06 22 Dec 2010

Have checked all log ins and password. Still no joy.

  Pineman100 15:45 23 Dec 2010

Then you need to talk to Talk Talk. There's clearly a problem with you usernames or password.

  alfredgerald 16:29 23 Dec 2010

Thanks Pineman100

  Switcher 23:42 23 Dec 2010

Just tried it with BT and was able to access each individual email acc after logging on individually. Each email acc has same password also. Not a great help to you but proves that it can be done on BT anyway. However when logging on with home PC had to sign off from main user email acc before logging on with subsidiary acc as main acc auto logs on to BT Yahoo.

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