Mr "B" 21:00 20 Oct 2006

Whilst looking through my outlook express and wondering why i don't recieve much mail no more i clicked on the deleted items folder and discovered dozens of mail un opened but my norton anti virus considers it spam. My pc never used to do this until it had a fault with it and went in for repair which was found to be a faulty power supply so this shouldn't really have anything to do with the problem. Is there some kind of setting i can adjust to allow this mail without going through each individual e mail to consider it not spam. It even considers the pc advisor mail you receive when someone replies to your post as spam!

  Jackcoms 21:20 20 Oct 2006

I wasn't aware that Norton AV had a spam filter.

Are you sure that it's the 'culprit'?

  Mr "B" 21:25 20 Oct 2006

Ok, norton anti spam then!!!

  Jackcoms 21:32 20 Oct 2006

Not familiar with Norton ant-spam but I assume it's similar to other anti-spam programs (I use Mailwasher).

Presumably there are filters to reject e-mails with certain words or phrases and a blacklist of 'suspect' e-mails addresses?

Perhaps you need to 'tweak' those settings.

  Mr "B" 21:44 20 Oct 2006

Cheers anyway jackcoms, it used to operate perfectly but now seems to chuck the majority into the deleted folder and on the subject of the mail it says in brackets [norton antispam]so thats why it puts it straight in the deleted folder. There is a setting called message rules in the drop down menu under tools, but not being familiar wiyh i don't like to mess with it.

  terryf 21:47 20 Oct 2006

Try working without anti-spam for a while and see how much real spam you get that can't be got rid of by 'block sender'

  Jackcoms 21:49 20 Oct 2006

You say "not being familiar wiyh i don't like to mess with it".

Two suggestions, therefore (and don't be offended):

1) Become familiar with it or you risk losing all your e-mails.


2) Dump it, if you can't be bothered to learn how to use it

  squillary 00:53 21 Oct 2006

Right-click the toolbar and activate the "Norton Antispam Outlook Express Plug-In" toolbar.

Then, for each mail that gets rejected, highlight it and click the "This is not Spam" button on the toolbar. This should train the program not to reject it next time.

I use Outlook rather than Outlook Express, but it should be the same.

Alternatively, you can go into Norton Antispam's options and include the email address as one to be permanently allowed. You should find a button to import your Outlook or Windows address book too. That'll save a lot of time. There'll be a helpfile to learn all about Norton Antispam in there too.

Jackcoms is quite right with his option 1 (if a little too eager to dump on Norton, as is the preference around these parts).

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