E: drive inacessable - incorrect function.

  concise 21:31 19 Aug 2005

Is there an answer to this particular problem?
I get this error message with one disc and one disc only (so far).
The disc is a pdf file of a book plus Acrobat software, read-me file etc, etc. After several years of functioning perfectly it now returns this error and is completely inacessable on my machine which is running Windows 2000, on my laptop which is XP I can get as far as the disc contents but no further.
I have been through all the previous postings and trawled the net - no good.
I even emailed the publishers (David Matthews Associates) for advice but they have had my 25 quid for three years so chose to ignore me.
Anyone have a clue?

  Technotiger 21:37 19 Aug 2005

Hi, 'error message with this one disc only' -
it could be that perhaps over the years the disc has become damaged/worn, they don't last forever of course. Assuming that other discs do work ok in the same Drive E.

Other than the laptop, is it possible for you to try it on any other machine?


  concise 21:54 19 Aug 2005

Thanks TT, The disc looks physically ok it may well be that its mental state is not too good.
Don't know whether any of my mates are gullible enough to let me slip a dubious disc across them - I'll brush up me charm.

  keith-236785 22:07 19 Aug 2005

i have seen items for sale that claim to repair badly scratched ur unreadable discs allowing you to get the info off the disc, i have never needed one though so i cant help much there, i seem to recall seeing one such prog at pcworld but cant remember the name.

try a google search for cd cleaning or something like.

something along the lines of click here, but i am not recommending this as i have never tried it.

best of luck.

  concise 22:14 19 Aug 2005

Cheers, all ideas gratefully received.

  jack 08:38 20 Aug 2005

Dirty disc - older drive -to gether read errors

For dirty disk - disc cleaner kits are available for a fiver[ASDA] - toothpaste and a soft cloth then a polish - serve as well

For old/dirty drive - CD drive cleaner- this is a special CD disk with a brush and some cleaning fluid that cleans up a sooty lazer.- about a fiver in ASDA.
But as mentioned discs and drives to die.

  concise 10:26 20 Aug 2005

It just so happens that in another world I was a polisher by profession! Polishing to optical standards but I have to admit that soft plastics gave me a lot of trouble. However I attacked this disc with a soft cloth and 'Brasso' which leaves it interesting looking but very slightly cloudy. Silver polish took care of that and returned it to its original brilliance. A very quick wash in detergent won't hurt afterwards. It still didn't work I then got a magnifier on it and discovered what looks like a short radial fissure near the centre which is almost invisible. I shall bring all my professional skills and my failing memory of them to bear and see if I can polish it out, I don't think it's reached the vitals. If I haven't bored you all to death with this I will report back in the fulness of time.

  pj123 10:41 20 Aug 2005

I used Windolene on a DVD as suggested in this thread: click here

Did a fairly good job. At least it plays now, when it wasn't even recognised before the Windolene treatment.

  jack 12:06 20 Aug 2005

An insight into the construction of a CD may give a clue on how best to treat them.
1. The disk is polycarbonate - there fore no solvents to be used.
2. The 'Business' side is actually on the 'top side'
So the lazer reads through the plastic to the 'silver'[aluminium] top coat, this top coat has a protective lacquer on it- Which means a disc can be 'done in' more readily from the top than the bottom.
The bottom will 'cloud' if solvents are applied.
I have pile of bird scarers and scoobies finding this out the hardway

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