e ceros tablet frozen/bricked red triangle of death

  solarjj 04:58 27 May 2015

Hi,I have a e ceros revolution tablet, it's frozen, red triangle of death busted android guy. I have tried the reset button [you push it with a pin lol very 80's]. It just cycles between the e ceros logo and the dead android. Is there anyway to go to recovery mode? If not any idea on getting the chinese to answer email?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:24 27 May 2015

From the manual

What to do if the unit does not respond? 1. A Reset button is available on the side of the unit, inside the hole, located next to the Back button.

  1. This Reset button is a helpful tool because it can provide an immediate restart of the E-Ceros Revolution tablet. You can press this button using a thin tool such as a paperclip. After pressing the reset button, simply turn on the device and you’re ready to go.
  2. This reset and refresh can be opportune when:

There are many applications running at the same time and the device slows down too much and does not respond for a long time When an application causes a malfunction or freezes the tablet.

Can I easily restore default factory settings? 1. Sure. If you desire to return to the default factory settings, then you need to perform factory data reset. 2. Factory data reset option can be found under Settings > Backup & reset menu. 3. The factory data reset formats the data partitions so all user data will be deleted. Keep in mind to backup your data first as factory resetting will delete all data stored.

not much good if it will not boot:0)

Can you attach it to a PC and will it show as an external device / drive?

it may then be possible to install a new android image to the device.

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