E-Card ASP Script

  Mr A! 09:52 09 Dec 2004

I've been asked by a mate "Do I know where he can get an asp e-card script for free?". I've had a look on the popular script sites and I can't seem to find one anywhere. Can anyone help?

He says it has to use an MS Access database and SQL is not available and no VBScript if possible.


  Taran 17:07 09 Dec 2004

That only leaves you with ASP using JavaScript.

VBScript is fundamental to the vast majority of ASP and I've yet to see an overly convincing argument of favour of large scale migration to JavaScript ASP.

It also sounds suspiciously like an assignment of some sort.

"it has to use an MS Access database and SQL is not available and no VBScript if possible".

That is an unusual request by any standards.

I'm afraid I don't know of a solution and I suggest a thorough trawl of Planet Source Code, Hotscripts.com, ASPFree and similar sites.

Before I sign off, I'd also like to mention that the most common code you normally use to connect to an Access database using ASP is, in fact, VBScript.

You can use JavaScript within ASP to make the connection, but either way it has to be one or the other unless you want a world of headaches.

Finally, I did the briefest search in Google for this:


One of the links on the first Google search page is this (hopefully it will display properly in here)

click here

This is a brief tutorial on e-cards and using Access and ASP.

I'd suggest a further search in Google would probably offer you more results to choose from...

  Forum Editor 19:58 09 Dec 2004

Can you tick your other thread (privacy policy) if it's resolved please?

  Mr A! 14:03 13 Dec 2004

"it has to use an MS Access database and SQL is not available and no VBScript if possible" as my webhost is click here. They don't support MySQL and VBScript doesn't seem to work.

  Taran 14:17 13 Dec 2004

The trouble is, I'm not sure anyone knows of an off-the-peg solution you can download, and we are here to help with specifics rather than supply a fully working web application.

The Google search I mentioned finds some interesting links and I'm sure you could adapt some of them to your requirements with some code hacking.

Try running the ASP Info script from this link click here in a test page on your web server.

This should tell you what is or is not working on the server and if it fails to run at all you're in big trouble.

As I mentioned above, you only have two real options with ASP which they are VBScript and JavaScript. Of the two, VBScript is by far the most commonly used.

I wish I had the time to write a fuly working ASP JavaScript application for you but I'm afraid that I don't.

If you have a go and get stuck I will help troubleshoot your code if you want me to, but I can't offer you a program for free and I don't know of one off the top of my head that you can download for free use.



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