dynamode wireless router probs

  kidneybean67 17:08 22 Feb 2008

Can anybody please help? I successfully set up my wireless router and was up and running with no problems until.... I decided to go into the security tab on the routers status page and changed a setting which I thought would then only enable me to see my wireless connection... I applied the change and now cannot get back onto the internet, therefore I have lost the page to return to so I can change it back again. So when I look at the connection now it says security enabled WPA-PSK whereas before it just said unsecured....I want to get back to that so I can start again, does anybody know how?
PS I am not very computer literate so as English as you can get it would be greatly appreciated!!!

  kidneybean67 19:31 22 Feb 2008

ok so i think i've sorted this problem but the one i'm having now is how to make sure my connection is secure, am i being really thick, i'm sure this should be really straightforward bt i don't want to mess anything else up!!!! Can anyone help?
I have a Dynamode wireless router and am running Windows Vista.....

  dms05 08:13 23 Feb 2008

I assume you are entering something like to access the Routers setup page. That page is held in the Router and isn't the Internet so you can access it at any time provide a connection exists between your router and the computer.

Altering the Router set up is always best achieved by using a LAN cable between the router and the computer. If you use the WiFi connection the instant you change the Encryption in the router set up you loose the connection as the computer doesn't have the same settings.

So just use a LAN cable, I'm sure your router came with one.

  kidneybean67 09:24 23 Feb 2008

Ah ha! thanks very much that explains that then, now i'm still confused as to where I change settings to make the connection 'secure'
and also shareaza is not downloading and i think its all to od with this 'mac filtering' but i am totally thrown by it all!

  crissyg 17:01 14 Aug 2008


We have a new dynamode R-ADSL-C4WG2 wireless router and it is working ok but we are having problems securing it.

It works ok but shows up in the network list as "unsecured"

I gone into the router settings (Interface setup | Wireless) and under the WPA-PSK settings have the encryption setting set to TKIP and have entered a made up Pre-Shared Key that we will remember!

The router is now showing as "secured" in the network list but I am unable to connect to it from a laptop.

(all set up has been done using a wire on a desktop computer)

From the network list on the laptop it shows automatic to connect(set that up on the laptop) and you can click on [Connect] but it doesn't connect! And the only open I am then give is to "disconnect" which doesn't help!

I'm not getting anywhere fast with this - have you managed to secure yours?

Have I missed something or done something wrong?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks

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