"dynamic" drive unreadable

  winstonwolf 13:59 27 Aug 2004

hi, i have 2 hard drives , My C drive is the system drive , my d drive is for storage. i have just had to reformat my C drive and now the D drive no longer shows in my computer. I went to computer management to sort it out and it says the D drive is dynamic and unreadable , it says the C drive is basic and healthy. Is there any way i can access the data that is on my D drive?
I am using windows xp.
P.S i used the "rescan discs" option but nothing changed.

  Hawk-N-Spit 15:36 08 Feb 2005

I am experiencing the same problem myself did u get it sorted if so please tell me how u resolved it

  phono 16:37 08 Feb 2005

Do either of you have "GoBack" installed? See the attached link near the end of the thread.

click here

  ventanas 16:43 08 Feb 2005

You must have converted the drive to dynamic sometime, but that should not make it unreadable. There should be no need to have dynamic discs on any home system. Their main use is on domain servers.

Anyway you can move it back to a basic disc, if it is possible with your existing problem, but the process is completely destructive. All data will be lost. First delete all volumes, then right click the disc and choose Convert to Basic Disk. Thats it.

  Diemmess 16:47 08 Feb 2005

Win XP is able to move drive letters around and while not wishing to be a "gloom pot", it follows that XP gives amazing opportunities for a big mistake.

Wise after the event....... it makes sense when doing that fundamental thing of Reinstalling from scratch, to unplug any other drives temporarily which are not concerned with the operating system.

If you look in the BIOS you will probably see the "missing" hard disk there, just Windows that won't recognise it.

I am on shaky ground from now because I have no direct experience, but Win 2000 offers the opportunity to install as a FAT 16 system, and I think XP does the same.

If somehow one hard drive is using FAT 32 and the other FAT16 that (I think) could be the cause.

Do nothing drastic at the moment, there are plenty of good people on this forum who will confirm my theory or poo-poo it! At least they might offer a way out from a better understanding of the problem.

  ventanas 16:58 08 Feb 2005

The info in your links states the GoBack can make changes to the MBR and cause this problem. Perhaps it can, but not with dynamic discs, they do not have an MBR.

  phono 16:59 08 Feb 2005

Cheers for that, I should read things more thoroughly.

  dan11 17:06 08 Feb 2005

It may be worth trying test disk from this thread click here
It worked for that problem.

i think IF go back has been used, then it will be very difficult to save the data. I am unsure on that.


I thought XP could read fat32 as well as fat16, well I thought. But I may be totally wrong.~~))
It's a tricky situation, one false move could wipe the lot. Like you, I am on shaky ground. :-)

  phono 17:13 08 Feb 2005

I may be barking up the completely wrong tree again but could you cast your eye over this link and let us know if it may help winstonwolf and Hawk-N-Spit?
click here;en-us;320283

  winstonwolf 19:19 08 Feb 2005

Sorry i thought i had ticked this problem as resolved , but anyway i ran windows update a few times until all updates had been installed and after that was done all my drives were once again visible. Obviously having reformatted all files needed to show this kind of drive were no longer present on my pc. Thats the solution to this problem anyway . Thanks

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