Dymo Label writer-wonderful!

  bretsky 22:08 12 Dec 2004

I have just purchased one of the Dymo Label printers the one that is advertised on TV, and I have to say I'm well impressed with it, easy to install and so easy to use and at this time of the year has come into its own.(usb connectivity)

I use just as a home user and not in an office although I have seen them in offices.

The software offer loads of different templates for all different size labels and you can create logos etc etc.

I think the only problem people might have with it, is the price, not cheap, I paid £99.88 from
click here
sorry people this is not a sales pitch, but if you fed up loading your printer and wasting Avery labels then this could be an answer.

bretsky ;0)

  stalion 22:26 12 Dec 2004

yes have seen it and I am sure it works well but as you say the price is prohibitive.

  VoG II 22:31 12 Dec 2004

Click on my yellow envelope to contact me and get my mailing address. Most generous, thank you ;o)

This site is always wonderful at Christmas!

  Graham ® 22:37 12 Dec 2004

Me too!

  bretsky 22:41 12 Dec 2004

sorry VoG little TM, don't wish to appear thick, but not quite with you could you please explain???

bretsky ;0)

  Graham ® 22:49 12 Dec 2004

We want you to email us the program.

  Graham ® 22:51 12 Dec 2004

Copy and paste tricky names like VoG™

  VoG II 22:54 12 Dec 2004

Obviously my sense of humour is non-transferrable. Sorry and have a Merry Christmas!

  stalion 22:56 12 Dec 2004
  powerless 22:59 12 Dec 2004

I spent 130 on mine and i've printed 1 Label.


  stalion 23:00 12 Dec 2004

was it a BIG label lol

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