DWIN.exe ?

  Chas49 13:14 13 Jun 2008

I have just closed an Excel 2003 spreadsheet and the firewall came up with a query to the effect that DWIN.EXE was trying to access Excel. Not knowing what this was and having never seen it before, I blocked it. I did a search of the net and saw one site which said that this file was dangerous.

I have done a search on the computer itself using Vista's search engine and it found nothing - curious for a program seeking access - or is it?

I have run Spyware Terminator and that found nothing.

Anyone have any knowledge of it?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:48 13 Jun 2008

Do you have Norton on your PC?

Think dwin.exe is part of the Norton system.

  skidzy 14:05 13 Jun 2008

DWIN.EXE can be disguised as Malware

Part of Malware group - Downloader Drev A (from Prevx database)

Download,update, and run Superantispyware in safemode click here

Chances are you have installed or uninstalled a program (possibly Norton as above) and something is either corrupt or missing.

What antivirus are you currently using ?
Remember only one antivirus program to one computer ! do not install more than one,this will cause conflicts.

  Chas49 14:30 13 Jun 2008

Thanks to both.

No, I've never had Norton on this computer, Anti virus is Commodo. Am about to download SuperAntiSpyware and will post result afterwards.

  Chas49 15:34 13 Jun 2008

OK. I have downloaded, updated and run SuperAnitspyware and, apart from a few cookies, and one unidentified(but protected) item in the registry there was nothing.

I have run my Excel program again but the DWIN.EXE incident did not appear again. I shall set Commodo to permanently block it - if it appears again in the future.

Thanks again .

  Chas49 21:12 13 Jun 2008

Obviously not my day!

Excel started behaving unusually so \i rebooted the computer -it wouldn't let me login!

Fortunately, I had done an incremenntal image a couple of days ago - so - a restore is being carried out at this moment.

Thank heavens for my old computer!

  Chas49 23:24 13 Jun 2008

All OK again.

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