dvr recorder

  lauren2006 20:44 25 Jun 2006

just bought a dvr recorder with network so we can view our cameras from any computer anywhere in the world,but we changed the private ip address and where wanting to know how you find out the public ip address as we cant long onto another computer with out it

  rodriguez 22:17 25 Jun 2006

click here to find out your public IP address. How have you got it set up at the moment? Do you just want to access stuff on the DVR from another computer somewhere else in the world?

  lauren2006 22:22 25 Jun 2006

yes thats what i want to do when i am at my work and when i am over seas so how do i do it please please help

  rodriguez 23:57 25 Jun 2006

What's the make and model of your DVR? I can look it up then and find out what ports you need to forward on your router and how to access files from it, because some DVRs will work different to others.

  lauren2006 23:59 25 Jun 2006

its not got a name but it asking me to use ports 80 and ports 4321

  lauren2006 00:00 26 Jun 2006

it works fine in the house on the router i just type and log in and its fine but i want to log on from from

  rodriguez 00:02 26 Jun 2006

OK so there's no make or name printed on the front? I can still try and look it up anyway if it hasn't got a name. What's the make and model of your router? I can look up that on and tell you how to forward ports 80 and 4321 on yours then.

  lauren2006 00:04 26 Jun 2006

its a belking router its saying i need a public ip address

  rodriguez 00:06 26 Jun 2006

I think you'd do the same from work, but you'd use a different address because you're outside your home network. Instead of you would put in your public IP (which you got from click here) then put :4321 on the end e.g yourpublicip:4321 and then log in as normal. I think you'll still need to forward ports 4321 and 80 on the router so I need the make and model of your router so I can look yours up and tell you how to do it.

  rodriguez 00:07 26 Jun 2006

Is the model number of the Belkin router any of these?


  lauren2006 00:09 26 Jun 2006

its a belkin f5d7230uk4

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