dvi and vga suggestions

  Incony 18:21 08 Dec 2006

Hi folks, this is the core of my PC, just purchased. Ive suddenly discovered that the monitor i have, has a standard VGA cable with a D type plug connection end for the PC, and the graphics card has DVI. I see that i can in theory at least ( ive not tried yet either on my CRT or LCD monitor ) connect the VGA using an adaptor - DVI plug to VGA socket. i cant yet power up the PC without a monitor :)

will an adaptor get me going again? or do i really need to buy a DVI specific monitor to run this graphics card. i can live with vga till after christmas, money isnt endless, so suggestions please so at least i can see something for the money ive spent, would be appreciated.



Processor (CPU)
INTEL® Core 2 Extreme X6800 (2 X 2.93GHz) 1066MHz FSB/4MB L2 Cache
Memory (RAM)
ASUS® P5W DH DELUXE: DDR2, x16 slot, 975X chipset, 2 PCI
Operating System
MICROSOFT WINDOWS® XP PRO (inc. Genuine CD & license) (£95)
USB Options
Memory - 1st Hard Disk
1st CD/DVD Drive
16x +/- DVD WRITER (8x +/- Dual Lyr) (Lightscribe) (40x CD-RW) (£23)
Graphics Card
1024MB GEFORCE 7950GX2 (DUAL GPU) PCI Express + DVI + TV-OUT

and all the other bits not important right now.

  citadel 19:42 08 Dec 2006

the card should have come ready with an adapter, you get a bit better picture with dvi but vga is ok.

  Incony 19:55 08 Dec 2006

so if i pop down pc world, and get a dvi vga adaptor it will get it up and running? i see from the web, that i would need the adaptor with the four pins.. i think..

you understand i am reticent about connecting the dvi to vga without being absolutely certain that i wont do the monitor or, expensive to replace graphics card, any harm..:)

  Incony 19:24 09 Dec 2006

i found a DVI VGA adaptor... it was the correct DVI -A adaptor with all the pins in it.

It works fine.. cost £4.99 from a local PC shop dealer.. i gave him extra and wished him merry christmas.... PC World said they "were like gold dust" and didnt have any... i suggested that if they were that precious and PC World had some.. (at least their website said they did) then perhaps they might make more money and serve their customers better by getting some asap.. :) since my local PC dealer has neither the national scope nor funding source that PC World does , but had a box full of them, i think the customer relations that PC world has exhibited... sucks. :)
At least now i can see what all the pennies have enabled.. its a neat piece of kit.

  Totally-braindead 19:31 09 Dec 2006

I have seen a PC running with both and to entirely honest with you I saw no real difference. My monitor has only VGA and my graphics card has DVI and I use a connector that I got with the graphics card. Just get one it works perfectly.
Personally I think there is so little difference between the two you would be wasting your money buying another monitor just because of this.
If your monitor is small or its not all that great and you want another larger monitor then fair enough buy one with a DVI interface but I wouldn't waste money buying a new monitor just because of this.

  Totally-braindead 19:33 09 Dec 2006

An example click here

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