DVI Signal Problem

  tims31 09:38 08 Sep 2008

I have a HANSPREE 223D monitor and an ATI Radeon 9230 Graphics card with DVI and RGB connector.

The monitor will work fine with both leads or just the RGB lead plugged in and if I remove the RGB lead after boot up then this is fine. If the monitor then is switched off or the system reboots, then the monitor displays no signal?

I wanted to plug the DVI into the monitor and the RGB into an LCD TV so I could have dual monitor but the monitor will not work with only the DVI lead plugged in. Is this right?

I thought it should work with just a DVI lead plugged in. Do I need to change any settings?

Thanks for any help

  Eric10 10:13 08 Sep 2008

If the monitor works with just the VGA lead in and also works with both the VGA and DVI leads plugged in then you are probably just seeing the VGA connection when both are connected.
I don't know your monitor but I have a Dell which has a button on the front to switch between VGA and DVI and an Iiyama where you switch between the two display modes by way of the on-screen menu.

  tims31 13:01 08 Sep 2008

Hi Eric

The monitor works with Both leads in and obviously just the VGA. But it also works with just the DVI lead in after booting up with both leads fitted and removing the VGA lead. The DVI signal is only lost if the monitor switches off or or I boot up with only the DVI lead fitted. I have had both monitors working together as dual monitor mode if I remove the VGA lead after bootup and plug this into the monitor. What I want to be able to do is lead the VGA lead plugged intio the TV without having to remove and fit it each time I bootup.

  Eric10 13:35 08 Sep 2008

Do you have a user guide for the monitor? I have to tell my monitors which input to use, either by the switch on the Dell or through the on-screen menu on the Iiyama. I think you are confusing the monitor by plugging both leads in together as it will actually only be using the input that it is set to use and ignoring the other lead. Of course, if it has an AUTO setting then it won't know what to do with two inputs connected together.
Boot up with just the DVI lead connected then bring up the on-screen menu and look for an option to set it to DVI. Once you've set it, then it should keep that setting.
I've just checked my Iiyama monitor's menu and it has settings for VGA, DVI, and AUTO but they are accessed through menu2.

  tims31 21:12 08 Sep 2008

I think I have managed to cue this now although it still isn't completely right as if I switch it off at the power button and back on again it still says there is no signal input.

I un-installed the graphics card and rebooted with only the DVI cable in and that seems to work ok now until the monitor switches off and that works as described above.

So long as the monitor doesn't switch off I should be ok, otherwise I will have to reboot.

Thanks Eric10 for your help

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