Is DVI much better than VGA?

  Armchair 15:25 27 Apr 2007

Just bought an LCD monitor

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to replace my old CRT monitor. It only comes supplied with a VGA cable, and it looks good, but would a DVI cable make it look much better, or is it just a waste of money? My graphics card does have one DVI and one VGA connector.

Btw, the sound quality from the built in speakers is rubbish, lol. I've hooked up my old stereo speakers instead.

  Kate B 15:41 27 Apr 2007

I think it's worth the money. And built-in speakers on monitors are always rubbish.

  donki 16:05 27 Apr 2007

I wondered about this, Im using a vga cable with an adapter at each end for DVI, is this the same as a DVI cable or would a genuine DVI cable be better quality?

  skidzy 16:35 27 Apr 2007

Only last weekend i decided to change over to DVI,so far a lot better.Clearer images,clearer text and dvd's seem so much more vibrant in colour.

  Armchair 18:56 27 Apr 2007

donki. I don't know.

Okay, I'll get one if they aren't too expensive. Can some kind person please link me to one or two of them, so I know exactly what to get?

  donki 19:17 27 Apr 2007

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Firt one i found on google, I simply use the oridginal cable with the dvi dongles supplied by my new 8800gts 640mb (he says with a chuffed look on his face :P)

  Armchair 19:39 27 Apr 2007

Lucky you! I'm using an auld 6800 GT. Righto, I'll have a wander along to my local PC vendor tomorrow and see what he's got in stock.

  smoking44 19:59 27 Apr 2007

DVI is so much better. Found a big difference in DVI on Vista as to XP. XP was good but you see DVI on Vista and you will say WOW.

  Z1100 18:41 28 Apr 2007

look here because there are 3 different kinds of DVI
click here

  squillary 03:27 29 Apr 2007

Apparently DVI connection is better. My supplier would get another fiver out of me if I bought one. He told me not to bother.

For the hell of it, I did bother anyway. He was right though. No discernible difference whatsoever.

  Armchair 11:50 29 Apr 2007

Well, I haven't bought anything yet. I had a look in my local Dixons yesterday, but the only one I could see on sale was £29.99, and I decided to leave it for some other "lucky punter", lol.

Z1100, that's interesting. Surely, though, all I have to do is ask for a DVI connector that fits a nVidia 6800GT and a cheapo LCD monitor?

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