DVI & D Sub

  peter4076 14:04 16 Jan 2005

Hoping to purchase (gift ) really for my birthday the "Dell 2001FP" monitor which runs at 1600x1200 resolution and also as a DVI fitting as well as D Sub fitting, my card at present is a NVIDIA GeForce2MX which does not have a DVI fitting, so my question is can anybody recommend a graphics card with DVI & D Sub fitting ( I am not a gamer or a graphics artist neither do I run Visio or CAD so I just want a basic card that will give the resolution required, your help in this matter would be most grateful because a computer fair is coming soon.
My Mobo is a ECS K7S5A 1.0..O/S WinXPSP2.. 768Mb memory.
120 gig HDD.
Your input gratefully received.

  Rayuk 14:11 16 Jan 2005

For picture quality an old Matrox G400/450/550 or above should suit your needs,plenty on ebay

  peter4076 16:03 16 Jan 2005

Cheers Rayuk, will have a quick look over on ebay any other cards out there that fit my requirements.

  TomJerry 16:16 16 Jan 2005

Hightech ATI Radeon 9200SE 128MB TV-Out DVI Retail Box £27.12 click here

Asus V9520-x, Td, 128mb Gf Fx5200 Agp Dvi, Tvo, Composite £35.55 click here

At this price, no point of hunting 2nd hand in ebay or fair.

  AndySD 16:19 16 Jan 2005

If you wish to keep driver problems to a minimum try an Nvidia FX5200 make sure its 128 mb and has DVI

  Jeffers22 17:27 16 Jan 2005

I bought a 3dConnect Radeon 9550 for about £30 from ebuyer click here and also a 9200 from the same place for a bit less (second PC). They are brilliant for the money and I would highly recommend either. At that price, TomJerry is spot on - no need to go to Ebay and hope you get a good 'un.

  peter4076 18:55 16 Jan 2005

I thank you all for your time & knowledge on this subject, there is enough Cards above to satisfy me so will check them all out. Will Tick.

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