DVI connection on TFT

  Jdoki 08:42 10 Nov 2005

I recently got hold of a Hyundai Imagequest L72D 17" TFT.

It has analogue and DVI outputs. I used the cable that came with it to connect up via DVI but have been unimpressed by the appearance of some fonts on screen.

Pictures/DVD playback/games etc are exceptional, and most fonts look crisp with Cleartype on (although a little 'spidery' with out).

However some characters/fonts appear to have a slight red or blue tinge or edge to them. I've messed around with colour profiles in the video driver (card is a Nvidia 6800Ultra) but to no avail.

I have yet to try the analogue output - if that is the same then I'll return the display for something else. But if it's OK then I was wondering if a better quality DVI cable may help (I bought the screen because of the DVI output so that's what I want to use)?

And if so what make of cable do people advise? I've used Belkin hardware in the past and found it a bit cheap and nasty so I'm skeptical about buying their cables (which seem popular).

Or does anyone have other ideas/opinions?

  Batch 08:56 10 Nov 2005

I'd suggest that you do try analogue first.

Although I've no first hand experience of using DVI (my TFT supports, but not my graphics card) I have certainly heard several reports of no discernable improvement by using DVI (maybe it's down to the abilities of the graphicscard).

  Jdoki 09:14 10 Nov 2005

Thanks. Will definitely try the analogue.

I was under the impression that DVI sharpened up the image a bit, and also eliminated any manual adjustment of screen size etc...

If analogue improves the fonts I may kick myself for spending an extra 30quid on a DVI model! :(

  DieSse 13:38 10 Nov 2005

"It has analogue and DVI outputs"

Actually it has DVI INPUTS.

Are you using a DVI output on your graphics card, or an adaptor. If your graphics card does not have a DVI output, then using the DVI input on the monitor will do nothing at all to improve the picture (in fact adapters often degrade slightly.

The difference is that direct DVI to DVI simply avoids having to pass through extra digital to analogue conversions, and back again.

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