DVI cables- what, where, how...

  Katstar 17:16 08 Mar 2005

I am buying a Iiyama monitor (E431S- is this a good choice?) and have been told it does not come with a DVI cable. Not knowing a great deal about computers, could somone please tell me what kind I should be getting (either to match up to the monitor or best make) and what I do with it when I get it?!!

Thank you!

  wjrt 19:13 08 Mar 2005
  john-232317 19:13 08 Mar 2005

Type your title into google.....

Or try this click here

  Diodorus Siculus 19:21 08 Mar 2005

You will also need to ensure that your graphics card can support dvi output.

  Katstar 19:33 08 Mar 2005

Thank you!

Now having other small crisis- 17" Iiyama E431S vs. 19" Viewsonic VX910?

Please help me deal with other people's advice...!

  paddyjack 21:25 08 Mar 2005

I have an Iiyama E431S, can not fault it in any way. I say go for it.

  Jak_1 22:14 08 Mar 2005

I have an IIYAMA ProLite E380SB 15" as a monitor for my second pc, very clear with good colour. Can't fault it. As has been said, if your graphics card does not support FVI then it's a waste of time getting a DVI monitor. Mine is VGA and works very well.

  Katstar 22:38 08 Mar 2005

Thank you everyone! You've all been very helpful. My graphics card does support DVI- and I think the Iiyama has it judging by your advice. I'll get ordering!

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