DVI Cable versus RGB

  caradoc 12:17 02 Mar 2005

Need some advice on purchasing a DVI cable for my ProLite E435S TFT Monitor. At present am using an ordinary RGB cable. I have an MSI FX5600 256Mb graphics card installed with RGB and DVI support. What I'd like to know is,
does a DVI cable improve the quality of the screen picture by a vast amount? Computer used mainly for Flightsimming and Digital Photography.

  Jeffers22 12:30 02 Mar 2005

It is better on my LG1710b, a bit crisper in the definition, but whether it's enough of an improvement to justify an expensive cable I'm not totally certain. Fortunately LG supplied a cable with the monitor so it was an easy choice.

  caradoc 09:17 03 Mar 2005

Thanks for your reply Jeffers22. At this time I don't think I'll bother with DVI. You were fortunate getting the DVI cable with the monitor - must be an exception to the norm!!

  Jeffers22 09:32 03 Mar 2005

Think it's standard for LG, but I know lots don't.

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