DVDSanta - No audio on DVD's

  trevpearson 14:20 21 Oct 2005

I'm using DVDSanta to convert AVI movies from my HDD and then burn them to DVD. Works great, but the audio peters out after about a minutes play. No response from the DVDSanta website. Any idea's or suggestions for better software?

  Noelg23 14:46 21 Oct 2005

what format are the audios using when you play them back on WMP (when they are still AVI files that is)? are they MP3, or AC3, or PCM? any of those at all? and what version of DVDSanta r u using?

  trevpearson 19:19 21 Oct 2005

I'm a total newbie at this. All I know is that I can view and hear the AVI files (played through Media Player on my PC, XP) but can only see video (no audio) when I convert them to DVD.

It's no big deal, but when you pay for something, you would like it to work. I'm disappointed that the Company who sold me DVDSanta don't respond to my questions.

All the AVI files are, is video's of family holiday's, the Grandkids growing up etc.

All the same, I would like them to be saved onto DVD.

  User-312386 19:29 21 Oct 2005

sounds like you need a codec

  trevpearson 19:43 21 Oct 2005

Oh heck, a Codec!! I'll go hunting on GOOGLE.
Thanks for the tip.

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