dvds wont play but cds and cd/rom work fine

  madhouse6 17:49 02 Jul 2011

Hi, i went to watch a dvd but my computer acts as though there is no disk in drive. i tried cdroms and music cds and they work no problem. can anybody help.

Im using a Dell 4800 and Windows XP.

Thanks in advance


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:55 02 Jul 2011

Mostlikely a FAiled DVD laser or laser alignment (new drive needed)

However try:

Uninstalling reinstalling the drive in Device Manager

(IDE drives) ensure drive data cable is secure at drive and motherboard swap cables if you have a spare.

  mgmcc 17:57 02 Jul 2011

As I understand it, separate lasers are used for CD and for DVD, so it's possible that the DVD part of the drive has failed.

  madhouse6 17:50 23 Jul 2011

thanks for your replies, im not sure what happened, 1 dvd wouldn't work i tried a different 1 and it played, then tried the other dvd again and it worked fine. my computer is 8 years old, so im not surprised it acts weird sometimes. thanks again.


  woodchip 18:42 23 Jul 2011

DVD's as CD use different file formats like a PC can use Fat 32 or NTFS etc no all drives play all discs, some CD drives will not play MP3 because the Player is not made to play them. Your drive may be having one of these problems. It also like you can use + discs or - discs some only use one type other use both. It called Technology, that means nothing works that should

  Nontek 18:43 23 Jul 2011

Could simply mean that you need to run a DVD Lens Cleaning Disc in the drive.

NOT a CD Lens Cleaning Disc, 'cos lasers are in different positions in the Drive.

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