DVD's wont burn correctly

  daveac41 12:23 01 Sep 2005

Can anyone help me please .

I go through the motions of copying files from my Hard drive to either of my DVD or CD burners. All the steps are described on screen during burning. The disk is burned - you can even see the section that's been burned - but Windows Explorer shows no details of burned disk, and IsoBuster shows nothing. What is happening????
I have Nero, and Windows XP S2.

Please help

  pj123 18:02 01 Sep 2005

What version of Nero do you have? and are you actually using Nero to do the burn?

Are you burning it as a data disk? What type of files are you trying to burn?

When you say "to either of my DVD or CD burners." Does that mean you have a CD burner and a DVD burner?

  daveac41 19:17 01 Sep 2005

I am using Nero 6.6 - I use Nero to do the burn. My DVD burner came packaged with Pinnacle Instant DVD/CD burner but I find this very erratic, which is why I got Nero.
I burn as Data disk most of the time. Most of the time I'm backing up BBC programs downloaded from BBC Radio Player, both from my 80 Gb Hard drive - and my own CD-Rom archives.
I have, on occasion, done backup copies of my own films purely for that reason - backup!!
I have both a CD and DVD burner, and both of them are doing mis-burns, at present

  daveac41 19:31 01 Sep 2005

No - I never have.It's worth a try, but I don't think it's the whole answer

  User-312386 19:43 01 Sep 2005

My guess is that you are really trying to burn a movie DVD as you are trying to use ISOBUSTER.

How are you trying to burn the image file? As thats what i assume you are doing?

  daveac41 21:09 01 Sep 2005

Madboy - Please don't drag the DVD copying controversy into this - I'm seriously trying to find what the fault is!!
Let me make this clear I put in CD-rom on CD drive, using Nero I drag 'n drop files to be burnt on DVD drive. I check slide bar at bottom of screen - then I hit burn.
The program goes through the motions - I take disk out when finished. When I try to play - there is nothing recognised.
Now can I have some serious assistance...please

  User-312386 06:48 02 Sep 2005

its not a controversy burning a DVD, many are non copyrighted and you may burn.

How and ever, please advise why you try using ISO buster?

Also have you checked that the Audio lead has not come loose from the DVD-ROM?

  daveac41 07:15 02 Sep 2005

Isobuster can sometimes identify tracks on a disk, that other programs cant.

My CD-roms and DVD's previously recorded will play OK.

My leads are OK, I've checked them

  SurfMonkey _#:@}™ 12:31 06 Sep 2005

I have found out that its a mix and match prossess to find the right dvd authering and burning utilities for your pc my old pc would only burn properly with dvd decrypter and nero now my new pc after many diferent dvd authering tools will only rip and burn with dvd shrink and nero 6. have you tryed dvd shrink 3.2 it also edits the dvd and you can set it up to burn without doing it sepreratly in nero.

  daveac41 13:07 06 Sep 2005

Thanks for that SurfMonkey. I've used DVD Shrink before - but didn't know about it doing it's own burning - I'll give that a try....

  daveac41 11:03 07 Sep 2005

SurfMonkey- tried what you said - I used DVD Shrink coupled with CopytoDvd - worked like a dream - thanks for your assistance.



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