DVDs will not run

  Cluelessone 23:09 06 Aug 2008

Ladies and gentlemen, your assistance please:

Dell 5150, running WINXP media centre.......
Used to recognise DVDs but not anymore. 3 DVD players simply chug a little and deny that anything is in the drive. No error message. CDs fine. DVDs work OK in the laptop.

Have tried to update the driver from the Dell website but on trying to run the programme it complains that it will not run on an OS lower than Win98(!)

Any clues please?

  Diversion 23:59 06 Aug 2008

Does it work with CD's, it maybe that DVD laser has burnt out? Try a shop bought DVD if it plays it okay then it's probably the burning laser that's gone. One of mine burnt out like that. A good sign is if the DVD's were getting warm whist burning. Mine would still burn CD’s but not DVD’s.

  Cluelessone 08:41 07 Aug 2008


It is bought DVDs that won't run.....

  jack 08:52 07 Aug 2008

DVD's use a different frequency to CD's hence a second laser- You could try a CD drive cleaner[Comes as a CD with a little brush and a bottle of liquid to apply.
If that fails the next move is to purchase an external USB drive. A cheaper proposition than returning to Dell for a replacement

  [email protected] 08:54 07 Aug 2008

Concur - sounds like the drive is u/s.

  Cluelessone 09:39 07 Aug 2008

If this is the case, can I not simply buy a new off-the-shelf DVD-RW to replace the dead one?

  jack 12:08 07 Aug 2008

But yes if this a Desktop Macine- then an off the shelf will fit a standard 5 in bay and with standard IDE connector and power supply
Check out the machine first- by taking a peek inside.
Dell are renowned for making off standard machines

  Diversion 19:52 08 Aug 2008

Here's a good selection click here . You can phone them and they will tell you if they have got one suitable for the computer that you have.

  Cluelessone 16:35 10 Aug 2008

Many thanks for your help chaps!
Any final recommendations before I throw it in the bin???

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