DVD's +R or -R format

  manrow 11:16 20 Sep 2007

I have 2 DVD recorders at my home, which both give acceptable results.

Unfortunately the +R machine is a cheapy, so not fair to compare with my more expensive -R beast.

Anyone any thoughts on which is better in practice?

  rdave13 11:30 20 Sep 2007

This might help, click here

  manrow 12:38 20 Sep 2007

Thanks rdave13, interesting gen in there. As it happens my -R machine is Panasonic which records on RAM discs as well, but I have had to buy a new DVD burner that can read them on my computer.

I know that -R discs need to be 'finalised' before my computer can read them, but thought that +R were okay as they are, but I cannot read them at all on my computer. As far as I can tell there is no menu item on the recorder to allow me to do this. Is this the burner issue again?

  denboe 12:38 20 Sep 2007

Dvd+ according to the experts is better for video.

  [email protected] 12:52 20 Sep 2007

I have a cheapy Bush dvd recoder that only accepts dvd+R.
The recordings made on my machine require finalisng before they will play on pcs and other dvd players.
If they still dont play on your pc after finalising,check your pc optical drive specs to see if it can handle dvd+r.

  manrow 14:09 20 Sep 2007

Thanks Raven, does your machine do this automatically after each recording or as and when the disc is full?

  [email protected] 14:23 20 Sep 2007

no the machine doesnt do it automaically.
Its manual operation,took some finding saying that.
Check the instruction manual

Whats the make and model number?

  manrow 14:45 20 Sep 2007

Hi Raven

It is an Inventive DRW 2033, and I haven't seen the instruction manual in a long time .............. ?

  [email protected] 15:34 20 Sep 2007

Ive had a quick look on the net but cant seem to find any info relating to finalising discs.
You might have to just play around with the remote until you find it.
Ive noticed they are for sale on ebay maybe drop one of the sellers a message asking for assistance or copy of manual.
this is how mine works ...
on putting a disc with recordings into the player,i have a screen displaying snapshots of the programs recorded.
from in that screen,i press the up arrow to reveal another screen,
(my dvd),then the across arrow to reveal finalise disc,rename,edit etc

  manrow 15:40 20 Sep 2007

Brilliant advice Raven. Not the same as yours but by playing around with remote and disc I didn't worry about have found finalise command!!!!

Do I need to do this on +RW discs as well?

  [email protected] 15:46 20 Sep 2007

sorry no idea about rw discs,ive never used them.

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