DVD's playing but voice and music is crackled

  GazMaz 09:55 09 Oct 2006

Hi can anyone point me in the right direction.
My DVD's playing on the PC but voice and music is well I can only describe as being crackled.
The DVD's are OK and play fine in other PC's and DVD players.
All other video's play OK ie downloads, radio etc.

  ArrGee 09:56 09 Oct 2006

It could be a codec problem. Download K-Lite and see what happens.
click here

  GazMaz 10:25 09 Oct 2006

nothing happened hasn't really helped at all!

  Radaruckus 13:23 09 Oct 2006

I would have thought the problem lies with your speakers more than your cd/dvd drive.

If you have other speakers try them out.

  GazMaz 14:49 09 Oct 2006

But why then only the DVD player the all other music films are OK?

  Radaruckus 16:25 09 Oct 2006

DVD film's are encoded at a lower volume and certain lower budget speakers have trouble with this. My speakers used to crackle when i wathced dvd's but my newer more expensive ones don't. Have you ever noticed you have to have your volume set alot higher on tv's to here a DVD better?

Do you find that you have to set your speakers to almost full volume to get a decent level sound if you're 4-5 metres away? If so its the speakers crackling because they can't deal with the "higher" volume setting. I'm 90% certain that is the case.

If you have a set of speakers from a stereo or something that work with your pc try them out and see if the same problem arises.

I very much doubt its your DVD drive.

  Stuartli 16:28 09 Oct 2006

If you use Windows Media Player, do you have a software or hardware DVD encoder?

  Radaruckus 16:33 09 Oct 2006

dvd's won't play without an encoder installed.

  GazMaz 16:56 09 Oct 2006

OK perhaps I haven't described the issue well enough, I apologise.
The issue has recently occured after my current system has worked fine for, well a long time. I had to repair windoes2K.
I have SB Live24bit card, I have changed my DVD drive and got the same problem with both the new and old drives, (I didn't change the drives because of this issue, just to get a DVD writer) my thinking this issue isn't the drive.
The issue I think is somewhere in windows after the repair.
Now I say the sound and music crackles but a better description would be stutter, it's difficult to describe, but the sound is almost always having to catchup after seemingly stopping.

  GazMaz 16:57 09 Oct 2006

Sorry forgot to say I use ASUSDVD player, which also takes load after the W2K repair.

  Radaruckus 17:56 09 Oct 2006

download both DivX codec and player and the Xvid codec's and then give it a try on the DivX player. google searches will find them easy enough.

I had a similar problem awhile ago not exclusive to dvd's though and that sorted it.

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