DVD's Format?

  TN 14:34 24 Jun 2008

Some time ago I bought 4 boxes of 5 Imation DVD RW's and only started to use them this week. When I tried to copy to one of them, I got the message 'cannot copy to this medium'. I had a look at the properties of the disk and found that although it was brand new it showed 0 space and 0 free space. On trying a few others I either got the same message or a message saying there was no disk in the drive! I contacted Imation Technical help and was told that I may have to format the disks first. This has brought me to a brick wall - how do I format a DVD or CD? The option does not appear when the DVD Drive is selected in My Computer. There is no format option in Nero 8 so I am at a loss. has anyone else had this problem or can suggest an answer. The Imation disks are labelled DVD+RW Video Photos Data and 4 x 2hour.

  jack 14:39 24 Jun 2008

Called packet writing.
Nero has it
I gave up on RW years ago- so I am out of touch-
Does XP/Vista have it built in perhaps not.

  TN 14:46 24 Jun 2008

I should have mentioned that I am running Windows XP Home SP3 although I don't think the OS would make any difference to the DVD's not being recognized or being able to be written on

  tullie 15:16 24 Jun 2008

I have had no problem with these discs on the occasions i have used them,i dont suppose its your drive that doesent like them?

  jack 15:21 24 Jun 2008

I still feel its a software thing.
What do you have Tulie?

To start click here

Type 'packet wrting' into your search engine.

  pj123 15:43 24 Jun 2008

There is no need to format any DVD/CD rewritable disc.

I use them as (very temporary) storage as they are not very stable.

I have never formatted a rewritable DVD or CD.

I just use Nero 6 in multisession mode.

I tried Nero 8 but it caused me a lot of problems so I went back to Nero 6 and have had no problems since.

  David4637 16:46 24 Jun 2008


  pj123 16:56 24 Jun 2008

David4637, I think I already said that, didn't I!!!

  TN 17:19 24 Jun 2008

Hi David - this is the first line of the email I received tyhis morning from Imation Technical Support: Have you tried to format the discs before you start burning information to them ?
Until I received this I also did not think they ever needed formatting but who am I to argue with specialists in the DVD maker's technical support department.

  eedcam 18:50 24 Jun 2008

You can try this download Imgburn its free when installed click on discover and it should give you all the info on your discs .It could simply be your drive does not like them .Updating firmware may help.In imgburn clcik on tools> drive > check for firmware updates
click here

  grey george 19:19 24 Jun 2008

My vista laptop says it's formating the disks and when I use roxio on xp it says building the file system before it starts the burn, which sounds like a format. Both are realy quick so it can't be mutch of format. If it's saying no disk sounds like it doesn't recognise the type could this be a +/- issue?

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