DVD's from America

  mourne 22:12 18 Mar 2003

I'm absolutely new to DVD's and like to know if I can order and of course play DVD's from there or if there is the same problem as there is with VHS.
The reason for asking, I would like to order guitar instruction DVD's I can't get in europe.
Thankful for any response

  he he :-)™ 22:21 18 Mar 2003

Different regions u will need a region free cd

  mol01 22:23 18 Mar 2003

I assume you wish to play the DVDs on a Pc, not via a conventional TV. MOst computer software DVD players can handle NTSC format or PAL, so this video format problem is unlikely to apply.

However, DVD have region encoding. This means that DVDs bought in 1 area of the world will not play in others. The world has 5 regions, region 1 being the US and Canada. We in Europe and Japan are region 2. Region 1 discs will not play in region 2 (well they will but you have to remove the region locks that are also built into the software and hardware which can be tricky. I am sure others on this formum could take you through how if you wanted to know). I think the reason for this is something to do with controlling the release of films across the globe. There is another region, 0 which means a disc will play anywhere regardless of its purchase location. Region protection is normally on feature films, so you may be lucky with the type of discs you want to play. If they have no region or are region 0, you will not have any problems.

  Cordy13 22:28 18 Mar 2003

Check with the supplier,you may find that these discs are region 0 or playable anywhere in the world. An alternative is to have two DVD drives one for Region 2 and one for Region 1 or whatever Region you want it to be.

  mourne 22:37 18 Mar 2003

thank's to everybody responding in particular mol01. I will check with the supplier and now I know at least what to ask for
Thank's again Norbert

  hssutton 23:31 18 Mar 2003

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  penny 23:31 18 Mar 2003

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  penny 23:39 18 Mar 2003

Look at the DownLoad page.

  Nellie2 23:41 18 Mar 2003

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