DVDRW + or -?

  katswhiskers 10:17 11 Nov 2004

Which is best a DVDRW that is + or -?

  no-name 10:30 11 Nov 2004

katswhiskers if your referring to PC drives then I think you'll find most are dual purpose anyway now, so there's not really a question to answer.

If you're referring to the discs, then whatever's cheapest because again most DVD players can replay both formats.

  geezore 10:32 11 Nov 2004

I am having the same trouble deciding myself mate!
I think it all depends on what you plan on doing with it. If video is your thing, or still photos etc that you may want to playback on a normal DVD player (as well as the computer DVD drive) then you need to make sure your set-top DVD player accepts the format that your DVD burner is able to create. I think you will find that any new burners are likely to be dual mode so can create + and - disks, (and more and more are dual layer, ie 8-9 GB on one disc, ideal for those long video recordings you may use them for)
My Pioneer DVD player only really seems to be guaranteed to play DVD-R, so that is what I am sticking to.
If you are only going to play the burned DVD in your computer, then it does not really matter I think. But I am no expert.

There does seem to be a differnce in the rate at which DVDs can be burned in the + and - formats. Some are faster at + and other at -. But I do not think that speed of burning is a top priority, much more important to have a trouble free burn, albeit slightly slower. (I can live with 4 X speed, can you?)
So long you have a good processor with lots of RAM, as well as at least 2MB data buffer on your DVD burner, then you should be fine.
I am sure some proper experts will add to this!


  katswhiskers 19:15 11 Nov 2004

It's just that I'm thinking of buying a Systemax Tourbook which has a DVDRW+. I have no need for the DVD bit at the moment, but I probably will in the future.

I see, so when I buy a DVD player to go with the TV, if I get a multi one I can play the + ones on that. I get it.

I wonder which is most popular tho + or -?

  SEASHANTY 20:25 11 Nov 2004

Popularity - according to this website
click here

  geezore 09:06 12 Nov 2004

"Multi" with DVD set-top players usually just means multiregion (ie DVDs from anywhere in the world) it does not mean it plays DVD+R and DVD-R

Generally Sony and Phillips play +R and Pioneer and others play -R. However if you check on the web you may find some DVD players that play back both formats.

I think that -R is most popular, but I can't seems to find -R disks that support the new dual layer burning (IE 9GB on one disk)


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