DVD+RW Capacity

  villageidiot 16:45 08 Nov 2007

I have bought a box of Philips DVD+RW disks. According to data on the sleeve, each disk has a Data capacity of 4.7GB

I have tried to copy some "Programs" onto a disk, but at Used Space 1.92GB and Free Space 0bytes the disk becomes full, and will not accept any more data.

1. Why can I not copy 4.7GB of data to the disk?
2. Within Windows Explorer (For instance under the "Right Click" menu) there is no mention of DVD, only CD. Is this just a Microsoft quirk, or is the DVD being seen as just a CD?
3. How do I tell Windows that I want to cancel the whole copy process? When I Right click on the CD Drive icon, and then click on "Delete Temporary Files", after a few seconds I get the error window "Error Deleting File or Folder" , and the message "Cannot delete VBE6INT.DLL; Access is denied" Make sure the disk is not full, etc" Of course it is full. That is why I want to abandon the whole process, so how do I get out of this?

  brundle 19:12 08 Nov 2007

You can't burn to DVD natively in XP, you need a burning program. Filter for `freeware` here click here

  Totally-braindead 19:47 08 Nov 2007

As brundle points out XP cannot itself burn DVDs only CDs you will need a seperate burning program also RW disks can cause problems and thats one reason I don't use them. I use +R or -R not RW and you can keep adding till its full if you create a multisession disk.

I don't know what program was used to create this disk you mention but theres 2 possabilities as I see it. Either you don't have a burning program that can burn DVDs or the disk has been finalised. If finalised then regardless of how much is on it you cannot add more.

  villageidiot 23:40 08 Nov 2007

Thank you for your help so far.

I used “Finalburner” to copy the data to the DVD disk.

The main original question was really why do BRAND NEW DISKS labelled 4.7GB of data capacity get full with only 1.9GB of data copied onto them. They are shown full if I click on “Properties” under Windows Explorer.

The second question was “How do I make it let me delete the file VBE6INT.DLL from the temporary files so that I can get out of this loop?”

The program seems to have stopped copying. However on starting my computer I always get a “Windows” window informing me that there are still files to copy to the DVD (A balloon appears in the system tray, with a message to the effect that files are waiting to be copied to the “D” Drive. I click on this balloon, a “Windows” window appears, labelled just “D:\”. The first box on this window is labelled “CD Writing Tasks”, and within this box are two icons; “Write these files to CD”, and “Delete temporary files”. On checking the properties of the disk, it appears to be full, with no free space From this I deduce that the files have been copied from the “C” drive into a temporary folder, and some have then been transferred to the DVD disk, but because the files are about 2.4GB, they cannot ALL be copied onto the DVD, which becomes full at 1.9GB. Because the disk appears to be full, I just want to abandon the process, and then try to copy the files to two separate disks instead of only one, so I click on “Delete temporary files”. I then get the error message listed in my original post.

The disks were initiated as multi-session disks, have only had one set of files copied to each one, and have not been finalised.

  Totally-braindead 23:46 08 Nov 2007

Sorry but I can't help hopefully someone else can give you the answer. I have not used this program I use Nero and as I said earlier I don't use RW disks as I found them to be too unreliable. I had to drop the burn speed for RW down to about 4x when its a 16x writer I have and a couple of weeks down the line I found the odd disk wasn't readable. Not good when you back something up and then can't get access to the files.

Only suggestions I have, drop the burn speed and try another disk or even another brand but don't burn anything onto a RW disk that you want to keep because in my opinion they are too unstable.

  Totally-braindead 23:48 08 Nov 2007

You could also try another program (just thought of that) there are a few free burning programs and I'm sure someone will give you a link to them. Perhaps they will work better.

  Diemmess 08:41 09 Nov 2007

Isn't there some problem copying > 2Gb lumps of data if the underlying format is FAT 32 rather than NTFS?

I apologise if I have this wrong, and maybe such a limit only applies to individual file size.

  brundle 08:49 09 Nov 2007

Sorry, thought you were burning using XP itself. Diemmess is right in mentioning the 2gb limit - that occurs with single files of more than 2gb when you burn a disc in ISO format - use UDF to enable burning of larger single files.

As to your second question - if aren't burning using XP, there shouldn't be any files waiting to be burned anyway (as far as XP is concerned), so the error you keep seeing shouldn't happen. Turn off native burning for that drive altogether to stop XP caching it. click here

You can turn it back on again after a reboot and should find the temp files are gone.

  villageidiot 01:10 10 Nov 2007

Thanks guys - now sorted, by downloading CDBurnerXP to try that.

Unfortunately for a few hours, and a couple of separate computer sessions, I could not make that program select folders for copying, only files. Eventually I discoveed you have to drag folders to the DVD disk icon. There is no tutorial yet for this program.

I had already quick-deleted all the data on the disk, after a lot of effort and wasted time. It took over ten attempts using DeepBurner. Each time I checked properties for the DVD in Win Expl the folders were still there, until they suddenly disappeared.

Now XP Windows Explorer is showing "Free Space: 0 bytes; Used Space: 3.65GB Capacity 3.65GB". Shouldn't Win Expl show a realistic Capacity?

When I now try to use DeepBurner I get the error message "Not enough space on media", even when I try to copy only 0.1GB. Does this mean you can only use one program to copy files onto a DVD?

According to the DVD Properties in Win Expl, the file system is "RAW", and there doesn't seem to be any way to change this. Do DVDs always use a RAW File system?

Anyway I do at last have copies of all my data, downloads, photographs, etc. for when my HDD next packs up. (Currently on about my fifth one!)

The wonders of computers!!!!!

  Nuts & Bolts 04:37 10 Nov 2007

Not an expert but have you downloaded MS updates?
Vista and Xp have bugs that are always being found and corrected.

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