DVD+r will only play in DVD writer?

  boon_intheuk 12:17 17 Mar 2005

Hi all, I have just obtained a OPTIWRITE 0203 +/-RW 4X DVD WRITER. I have "backed up" one of my DVD's using DVDShrink and Nero 6 to burn it at 4X on a DVD+R disc.
My problem is that when I tried it in my portable Centurion DVD player it first indicated that their was not a disc in it and on the second attempt it started the movie but it stopped and started and then froze!?
I then tried it in the DVD drive that just plays DVD's on my computer and the computer could not even see it!?
I have read many other threads concerning DVD burning issues but failed to find ( or maybe understand) what my problem might be.
As always your help in this matter would be much appreciated.

  woodt 12:28 17 Mar 2005

Not all DVD players/Drives will read all types of DVD disk. Check with Centurion to see what type of DVD is compatible. Also the format used by DVD shrink may not be standard. Also some DVD media is unreliable. What make of disk did you use.

  TBH1 12:30 17 Mar 2005

Firstly, not all DVD players will play +R's - -though most modern ones do.

Secondly, these discs need to be 'finalised' before they will play in anything other than your writer - not sure if DVDShrink does this automatically.

  Yoda Knight 12:33 17 Mar 2005

Surely you would finalise your disk in Nero as this is the writing software, and not DVDShrink ?

  boon_intheuk 14:40 17 Mar 2005

The disk is a TDK make.
This though may be incidental because on checking my Centurion DVD player and the Creative DVD drive in my PC specs, lo' and behold they only support DVD-R and DVD-R/DVD-RW respectively.
DVD shrink does the "ripping" and Nero 6 automatically does the burning, a message comes up at the end saying "disc or data verified", so does this mean the disk is finalised? If not can I do it now? As you can probably tell I am new to this area of PC's!
So, I will be trying the right format next, thank you all very much for all of your help and will only come back to you if I have any other problems.

P.S. What is the difference between single and dual layer disks?

  SEASHANTY 15:04 17 Mar 2005

I may not be correct as I only use DVD-R and DVD-RAM discs but I was under the impression that DVD+R discs did not require finalising. They may have trouble playing on some dvd players but unlike DVD-R discs no finalising is required. Perhaps somebody will confirm this for you on this thread.

  FelixTCat 15:06 17 Mar 2005

A dual layer disk is effectively 2 single layer disks glued together with a semi-reflective layer between. The laser first focusses on one layer and, when that is full, focusses on the second layer. Thus you can write twice as much to a disk. The disks are still quite expensive and the maximum writing speed is quite slow (about 2.4x). Its chief use is for films because you can record a higher quality.

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