DVDR Setup

  warthog01 12:15 15 Jan 2011


I'm trying to add a Liteon LVW5006 DVD Recorder to my current system. I'm running a Humax 9300T Digi Recorder and an [I]ancient[/I] (but still very functional) Sony TV. The DVDR was setup with the TV before we went digital and worked fine.

Here's the problem: I've set up the connections as recommended by Humax for RF Cable connection:

A. TV/VCR loop out of the digibox to aerial input of the DVDR

B. Aerial output of the DVDR to Aerial input of TV

C. External aerial remains connected to the digibox

Having done that, I can't locate the DVDR on the TV--AV just gives me snow--no workable channel or test pattern to setup the DVDR or play DVDs--I'm assuming this is because the external aerial goes directly into the digibox, but stymied nevertheless. Is there something wrong with the way I've set it up or, alternatively, would a SCART connection from digibox to DVDR solve the problem. There's no SCART connection on the TV (I told you it was ancient).

Thanks in advance

  hastelloy 01:30 16 Jan 2011

The set up you have with the aerial will only give you a signal from the aerial to the TV. You need a separate connection from DVDR to TV (e.g. scart) to use the DVDR and from digibaox to DVDR to get a digital signal into the DVDR (assuming DVDR doesn't have a digital tuner).

  warthog01 08:48 16 Jan 2011

Thanks, Marvin

I should have pointed out, the digibox does all my recording. All I really want to do with the DVDR is play DVDs on the TV. Does this make the problem any easier???

  BRYNIT 10:12 16 Jan 2011

If you have just connected it via the aerial lead you will need to tune the DVDR into an anologue channel of your TV like you would a tv station.

If you have also connected it via a scart lead you would then be able to use the TV's AV to select the correct scart/AV channel.

If you have not connected it via a scart lead it will not work via the TV's scart/AV.

  BRYNIT 10:15 16 Jan 2011

Should have said. If you just want to use it to watch DVD's just connect the DVDR to TV via a scart lead.

  eedcam 10:20 16 Jan 2011

if you are happy with CRT then you could pick up a decent widescreen one for next to nothing with scarts everything .You are not getting the best of anything via RF . In fact if you are in the Bristol area I've got a 28' Panasonic (not Widescreen)with everything you need you can have for nowt

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