dvdr not working

  maxirv 17:42 08 Aug 2005

(I have trawled through hundreds of posts, trying everything & anything recomended, finally I have to ask - sorry)
My DVD-RW packed up a few weeks ago, I reinstalled an old CDRW whilst waiting to get a new DVDRW - which worked fine for a couple of days, then packed up too - taking the audio device driver with it!
I finally managed to get the audio device driver working again, went out and bought a nice new Philips DVDR916LSK (with "lightscribe"), and installed it, but it won't work.
There is no error in control panel/system/hardware/device manager (there was before). It is recognising they are both there in sounds and audio devices/hardware , I have tried uninstalling & reinstalling, and it says new hardware (DVD) successfully installed. However with DVD's it has the icon for "unrecognised format" (or whatever...) and with CD's - media player gives an error message "unable to play - problem with sound device - may be in use....etc", my other music players just say nothing & make no sound, I am getting no sounds from things like messenger, just the start-up "beep".
I realise all this sounds like a basic audio device driver problem, but there is no yellow exclamation mark beside it in "devices" which there was before.
I am at a loss, so any advice would be appreciated - if only so that I can check off what I have done & narrow the possibilities!
Thanks. Max

  Klof Ron 18:20 08 Aug 2005

Have you tried removing it from device manager and rebooting to let windows re-detect it, also try starting in safe mode to see if more than one instance of the drive is installed, if so remove them all and reboot into normal mode to allow a re detect

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:20 08 Aug 2005

Sound setup
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