DVD+/DVD- confusion with Sony DVD Recorder

  CurlyWhirly 21:12 14 Dec 2004

I have bought a Sony DVD Recorder with integrated Freeview with up to 50 *FREE* digital TV and radio channels.

What I was wondering was *which* is the best DVD format to choose out of DVD+RW or DVD-RW?
I *don't* want to bother with DVD+R or DVD-R as they can only be recorded onto *once*!
In the manual it states "It is recommended that you use discs with 'For Video' printed on the packaging"

Are these type of DVD's quite rare as I have *not* heard of them?
Any advice would be most welcome!

By the way I have recently stopped subscribing to Sky as since upgrading to broadband around 18 months ago I can *no* longer justify shelling out over £30 a month as I spend *much* more time online with my broadband connection!

The novelty still hasn't worn off! lol

  CurlyWhirly 21:22 14 Dec 2004

P.S. I do *already* own a set of DVD+RW DVD's which I use for data storage on my PC.
I have read the DVD label *very* carefully and I *can't* see any reference to the 'For video' term!
All it says on the case print is 'Rewriteable for multiple recordings'!

Use the ones you have got, they will work just fine.

  User-312386 23:47 14 Dec 2004

as tommo2000 has said they will work fine

its only the +/- that are the difference

  THE TERMINATOR 00:11 15 Dec 2004

Use DVD+RW if you are recording video, it is supposed to be the better fornat(so my pc retailer says)....TT

  TomJerry 00:30 15 Dec 2004

are marked for video. personally, I think no difference between + and -

by the way, where did you got Sony DVD Recorder with freeview? sounds very tempting

  SEASHANTY 14:48 15 Dec 2004

Review of this recorder
click here

  john-232317 15:22 15 Dec 2004

Bit expensive at 500 quid :-))

  CurlyWhirly 16:33 15 Dec 2004

Yes it is a bit expensive at £499 but I think it is worth it as it will save me over £400 a year on Sky subscription.

What a good find, what I mean is you found the item I bought *without* giving you the model number!

Thanks to all who advised me to stick with my DVD+RW's and this is exactly what I will do!
Merry Xmas!

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