blackstorm2k 16:24 14 Aug 2006


I have no luck buying DVD/CD RW combo drives that work properly? Please could you recommend one that works well and where I could buy it from!

Many thanks

  jimv7 18:33 14 Aug 2006

Why would you want a dvd/dcrw drive when dvdrw is so cheap theses days, and can burn dvd / cdr.

click here


click here

click here

  FelixTCat 18:41 14 Aug 2006


Do you want this for a laptop?



  blackstorm2k 21:04 14 Aug 2006

Sorry, yeah I mean a DVDRW & CDRW combo drive so I can watch, and burn DVDs and CDs. I want it in black to match my PC. Drive I want should be internal as it's for my desktop machine.

jimv7 that first link you put down is actually the drive I currently have and it's that drive that's not working properly (it refuses to play most DVDs that I know work fine) and it won't copy CDs at all.

What's a good make - Benq? Sony?


  rodriguez 21:11 14 Aug 2006

I use LG for both of my drives as these make very good drives and I haven't had one failed disc from it in the 2 years I've had it. I also used a lot of different types of media and they all work well in it. At the moment I'm on a pack of Benq CD-Rs and a pack of Emtec DVD-Rs and the LG burner hasn't messed one up yet.

  dangerusone 23:08 14 Aug 2006

There are plenty of bargains to be had on eBay,I bought a Samsung DVDRW Lightscribe and the opportunity to buy a DVD/CD player for an additional £15 postage included which i took advantage of as they matched.Black too,not had a coaster in six months.

  Eargasm 00:07 15 Aug 2006

Iv'e had no problems with this one.

click here

  blackstorm2k 00:50 15 Aug 2006

Cheers folks! Eargasm, I've ordered the one you suggested - seems to suit my needs :D

  rdave13 00:58 15 Aug 2006

It comes with no accessories. Sure Eargasm will set you on the right path..

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