DVD/CD Ripping System Info Required

  spuds 11:03 13 Aug 2005

In a discussion, a couple of friends and myself are seeking advice on the best way to set-up a CD/DVD playing and recording system, and further expert advice is deeply sought, as this is going to be a upgrade for future use.

At present all our computers have a cd player and a cdrw recorder- dvd rom reader combo.Simple enough system to play or record cd's and watch dvd's. We now want to install a dvd recorder so we can 'rip' dvd when required, and still carry on with the previous functions.

So, what is the easy way of tackling this, and what manufacturers components would you recommend. Present components available are Samsung cd player,LG combo and a spare [ready to be fitted!] Benq dvd/rw-r unit.

  ACOLYTE 11:11 13 Aug 2005

I wouldnt rip dvd whilst you are doing any thing else,it can be done but you may get errors on the rip,and you will need a dvd-rw drive to rip dvd's.The best way is to use 2 pcs one for 1 thing and one for the other.

  g0nvs 11:34 13 Aug 2005

Any DVD recorder, cheap as chips nowadays. DVD Shrink for ripping & Nero for burning.

  spuds 21:14 13 Aug 2005

I seem to have confused the issue, and perhaps not made the question clear.

Number one computer [mine] as a basic [1]Samsung cd rom drive, below that is a [2]LG cd/rw recorder-dvd rom reader. This enables me to put a cd in drive number one for recording on drive number two. I now want to use drive [2] so that I can record or rip dvd's using possibly a third drive of a Benq dvd-rw/r.

This will give me a tandem set-up, or is there a better and much simpler way to record dvd's,and perhaps still have the facilities of all three drives [if necessary].

  Diodorus Siculus 21:22 13 Aug 2005

Easiest way is to use two DVD drives and nero along with DVD shrink.

Put the DVD in DVD ROM drive.

Open DVD Shrink and use it to rip the DVD.

If you have nero it will give the option to output to DVD-RW drive.

  Pooke 21:25 13 Aug 2005

I have 3 dvd drives installed. 2 dvd rewriters and a dvd rom. I can place a disc in the rom drive and make 2 copies at once.

Is this kind of thing you're after?

  spuds 22:13 13 Aug 2005

Pooke--Sound like the idea, we are considering. In our thoughts, it would be a case of [perhaps] cd-rom drive,dvd reader/cdrw drive,dvd recorder. We were not sure whether this would lead to any complications, or whether their was a better or simpler method.

Regarding Nero, I use to use Roxio with good results.I changed to Nero 6 and somehow I do not seem to get on very well with it. Possibly me, more than the programme.

  Pooke 23:16 13 Aug 2005

Well I use Nero 6 reloaded and have had plenty of success with this setup.

If you wanna make 2 copies of the same disc. Then in Nero all you tick is "use multiple recorders" and Nero does it all itself.

I have even burned 2 different discs at the same time with complete success! one in each dvd rewriter, one was music and the other was a data cd.


  spuds 09:05 14 Aug 2005

Thanks everyone for the input. Things are looking very much clearer as to our way forward.Simple really when you broaden the range and ask for more individual advice. Thanks again,and I will now tick this as resolved.

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