DVD/CD Optical ReWritable Drive replacement

  JoanSims 02:45 23 Oct 2009

hello,, My internal Optiarc AD-5170A drive on my 64bit vista pc has just given up the ghost and I need some advice on a what to replace it with please? i.e. External or Internal.. don't know what the arguments are for an external optical drive are,, they just collect more dust don't they??.. so any advice on what to buy as a replacement would be much appreciated.. I would need persuading to go over the £50 mark.. regards JoanSims

  BT 17:18 23 Oct 2009

As its an internal drive its a simple job to do a straight swap for a new one. Just be sure what type of cable connection, SATA or IDE is required

click here

click here

See here for whats available
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  JoanSims 21:03 23 Oct 2009

Thanks BT for your help,, My motherboard is a MSI P6N SLI V2/Ultra and looking at the User Guide I think it has 4 (unused so far) SATA connectors so I should be ok I think for the more up to date optical drives.. Picking your brains again, what do sata optical drives use for power connection?.. is it a normal molex connector usually?..

I have had a look at Ebuyer as you suggested and was impressed. I like the look of the Sony DRU-870S 24x DVDRW SATA Black mostly because it isn't an oem item and because it's a Sony.. I hope you agree because I'm going to buy it willy nilly tonight and (they say) it will be delivered tonorrow.. regards and thanks JoanSims

  Proclaimer 23:57 23 Oct 2009

depends on the connection. If the external drive is USB then it will be significantly slower than an internal drive. Also, Internal IDE is slower than Internal SATA.

An external SATA on the other hand runs at the internal BUS Speed and is always worth considering if you want to have an external drive.

My recent purchase was an internal Samsung (SH-S223B I think), SATA II DL DVD drive and it was about £20.00 drive. I believe the DL write speed was in excess of 12x

  JoanSims 00:08 24 Oct 2009

Thanks Proclaimer,, All good info.The Samsung SH-S223B is also on my shortlist.. how have you got on with it?,, is it noisy?.. JoanSims

p.s. I did'nt press the willy nilly purchase button in the end because with the postal strike I'm not likely to receive anything until end of next week anyway.

  BT 08:59 24 Oct 2009

..use the same molex connector as do IDE drives.

I think you'll find that Ebuyer tend to send stuff by courier, usually City Link in my area, so the Postal strike shouldn't be a problem.

  BT 09:08 24 Oct 2009

If you're replacing an IDE drive with a SATA one make sure you've got a suitable cable either supplied with the drive or purchased separately.

  roddypoddy 09:44 24 Oct 2009

click here
I ordered this last Sunday,recieved and fitted it on Wednesday,excellent product,and service.

  Proclaimer 10:00 24 Oct 2009

I find the drive to be great, I have no issues with it. It also shipped with Nero 8 and is Lightscribe. And at £20.00, cheap.

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