dvd/cd drive not responding

  dsm 20:22 02 Apr 2008

when i put a cd or dvd in the drive it looks as though it is going to play but then the green light goes off and nothing else happens. I have tried various cds/dvds and the same thing happens - nothing. can anyone please help. I have windows xp and recently the fan has been coming on quite often so maybe that has something to do with it. thanks in anticipation.

  Technotiger 21:30 02 Apr 2008

Possible over-heating causing things to go haywire. Check for dust and fluff etc inside of the case, make sure all fan blades are clean and that fans rotate freely. Check that all grills are clean and not clogged up. Make sure PC case has good clear air-flow all round and especially through-flow from front to rear.

  Stuartli 21:32 02 Apr 2008

Which fan keeps "coming on" - normally fans are working at all times.

  dsm 21:36 02 Apr 2008

the fan just makes a noise - just a noise coming from the computer so I presume it is the fan making a noise

  dsm 21:38 02 Apr 2008

is it safe to take the back off the computer box? should i use a hairdryer to blow the fluff etc. away ? obviously I would disconnect the computer first.

  Technotiger 21:39 02 Apr 2008

Hard drives that are about to break down also make unwanted sounds.

  Technotiger 22:01 02 Apr 2008

It is safe to open the case (with PC off, of course) as long as you are careful, before going 'inside' make sure that you touch a metal part of the case first, this is to release any static in your body, which could in theory damage internal components.

Better to use a vacuum cleaner, the small re-chargable hand-held ones are best, together with a soft clean paint-brush to clean the inside of the case and the fans and other internal components.
Be careful not too dislodge any cables.

When clean, re-place the cover before switching on again.

  Technotiger 22:03 02 Apr 2008

PS - I forgot to mention .... place the PC on a desk or table, NOT on a carpeted floor, or other soft furnishing.

  dsm 22:06 02 Apr 2008

ok here goes - I am going to close down, touch metal, open back and suck dust out. Hope to get back to you in about ten minutes or so (unless I am stuck to the ceiling !!)

  skidzy 22:09 02 Apr 2008

Here in this link are a few tips to eliminate possible problems click here

Do bear in mind it could be the laser dying/dead on the drive.

Possible psu failing !

Check the fans are not clogged with dust and grime as advised earlier.

  dsm 22:38 02 Apr 2008

still here!! could not get into the computer. took out a couple of screws but could not budge the casing - think I may be nervous of damaging it. anyway, used the hoover nozzle and sucked out dust but have connected computer again and dvd still not working. will now try what skidzy has sent. thanks all meantime.

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