DVD/CD Drive Isnt Working

  paul1975 23:24 14 Nov 2006

My DVD/CD Drive isnt working.

I can see it in the BIOS but not in My Computer
The tray opens ok

In Device manger it has a yellow exclamation mark next to it i click on it it says " Windows cannot load the devicxe driver for this hardware. The driver my be corrupted or missing"

The DVD/CD drive is a NEC DVD_RW ND-3530A

I have checked NEC's website but they have nothing for my model of drive

IM running XP HOME SP2

I have disabled the device and rebooted but still the problem exits.

  Stuartli 23:35 14 Nov 2006

As you have already uninstalled and booted the drive then it could well be loose connections or leads.

It will only use the basic Windows CDROM driver - its operation is controlled by your burning software.

  paul1975 23:47 14 Nov 2006

If its showing in the BIOS will it still be loose leads?

And why does XP say its a corrupt driver?

  rodriguez 23:52 14 Nov 2006

My mate's CD-RW drive had the same sort of problem - the BIOS detected it, but it didn't show up in Windows. Turned out the IDE cable was loose and it had started to come out at one end. This meant that the pins to identify the drive in the BIOS were still in, so it came up. However the ones that told Windows the drive was there and what make & model it was had come out. Pushing the cable in fully soon sorted this out. IDE cables have 40 pins that do various jobs - some tell the BIOS what make & model the drive is, others tell Windows the drive is plugged in and what type of drive it is and what driver to load for it etc. and the rest are used for data transfer.

  paul1975 23:55 14 Nov 2006

Ok cheers guys...i'll open it up tomorrow and give it a go...


  paul1975 12:23 15 Nov 2006

Disconnected and reinstalled the drive....still having the problem

When i try and update the driver XP says it ant find a better match than the one it already has

Any ideas?

  De Marcus™ 12:34 15 Nov 2006

When you say disabled, do you actually mean you uninstalled via device manager or just what you said, disabled it in device manager?

  paul1975 12:39 15 Nov 2006

Hi De Marcus

I uninstalled it via Device manger...scanned for hardware changes...XP found the drive again but an error popped up saying the new hardware might not function correctly

  De Marcus™ 12:43 15 Nov 2006

And did you restart after that message?

Try also uninstalling the ide channel the drive is on, rebooting and allowing XP to automatically reinstall the correct drivers.

P.S. You shouldn't need to scan for hardware changes, wait a little while for XP to kick in and do it itself.

  paul1975 12:54 15 Nov 2006

Uninstalling the IDE channel in the BIOS?

  De Marcus™ 12:57 15 Nov 2006

No, uninstall via device manager. Expand IDE/ATAPI controllers. Right click on secondary or primary IDE controller and select uninstall, reboot when done. If your not sure which IDE channel the drive is on repeat the procedure for both.

On another note, have you installed any new software lately, burning software or for that matter any Adobe software?

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