dvd/cd drive doesn't recognise cd's anymore

  Superstylin 20:50 14 Sep 2006

hi, i have an acer travelmate 4151lmi whose dvd/cd rw no longer recognises cd's in any format. it will still recognise dvd's. the drive is a slimtype SOSW-833S, i'm not sure whether it's a sony drive or a lite-on.
typically my warranty expired this month. i've had a look around for ideas but haven't come across anything that would help and wondered if anyone had suggestions?
oh, and it was last working properly 2-3 days ago.

thanks for any help

  pj123 21:22 14 Sep 2006

Have you tried a CD/DVD cleaner disk? It could be the CD laser is dirty.

  Superstylin 21:26 14 Sep 2006

i didn't think that dvd's and cd's used different lasers so no, i'll try and order a cleaner disk from somewhere. although i won't hold out much hope since this fault is quite well documented, it's just typical that it's occurred only days after my warranty expired!

  skidzy 21:30 14 Sep 2006

Have you tried System restore.As per thread earlier,it may be a laser has died.click here

  skidzy 21:39 14 Sep 2006

Also try,
Start/Right Click My Computer/Properties/Autoplay/Select action to perform/Restore Defaults or from the drop down box...try another like blank cd etc.

Once a cd is inserted,is it recognised in my computer

  woodchip 21:51 14 Sep 2006

Right click My Computer\Properties\Hardware\Device Manager Uninstall the Optical drive and restart your computer then retry the drive

  Superstylin 21:54 14 Sep 2006

yep tried system restore with no luck.
i can't get to the autoplay/perform/restore defaults bit. if i go start/right my comp/properties where is the autoplay option? did you mean go to device manager? but even in device manager/right dvd drive/properties i can't find the autoplay option.

once i insert the cd it just kinda clicks, and continues spinning

  Superstylin 22:02 14 Sep 2006

cheers woodchip, tried it but no luck. still skipping and spinning! i'm starting to get paranoid and wondering about an acer conspiracy whereby things stop working after your warranty expires!

  skidzy 22:13 14 Sep 2006

Sorry superstylin69 i meant right the cd/dvd drive/properties/Autoplay.....as my previous post.

  Superstylin 22:30 14 Sep 2006

no probs skidzy, unfortunately no joy with that though.

  skidzy 23:13 14 Sep 2006

If you insert a blank disc and goto My Computer,on the cd drive ..does it show a disc,if so find a file/document and right click this and send to the cd drive.Now try the disc to see if it transfered.

If this fails,it does look like your laser has gone...sorry

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