rickylea 10:22 06 Mar 2003

I was reading a well established computer magazine the other day and they had a review/article about some software call DVD X Copy which quite simply makes 'backups' of any DVD's (movies,music,data) you name it. Unfortunately you can not buy it in this country, however you can download it.
So I gave it a go............. the results are brilliant, its so easy to use, it copies first time ever time.
I can't see the entertainment industry allowing this software to be around for to long...it works how you'd pray it would.

  geewis 22:14 06 Mar 2003

Give us a clue where to find this magical download

  Lú-tzé 22:21 06 Mar 2003

geewis do a google search:

click here

costs $99 though!

  geewis 22:41 06 Mar 2003

now thats what I call music to my ears

  TOPCAT® 00:17 07 Mar 2003

I bought DVD Copy Plus from the makers, 321studios.com for $49.99. Had to pay UK customs and the Post Office VAT and a handling charge on top of this!

click here and click here=

321 Studios is suing nine major motion picture production companies in an effort to thwart industry threats to stop the sale of the firm’s DVD Copy Plus software and interactive tutorial for making personal backup copies of DVDs. TC.

  €dstow 08:15 07 Mar 2003

LN4860 Pinnacle Instant Copy DVD / CDRW V7.0.0.91 Copy Software Retail 19.49 22.90

From Scan click here

  €dstow 08:21 07 Mar 2003

The last bit of my post got chopped off.

It should go on to say

- - Look out for the conditions of use of any DVD or CD that you try to copy, you may well find you are doing something on the wrong side of the law.

Note my careful wording of that statement. I don't want to enter any discussion of the rights/wrongs, legality or otherwise of copying. This has been amply covered in these columns in the past.

My role in this is as messenger and I'm merely pointing out where the software can be obtained.


  wobbler 13:38 09 Mar 2003

This guy supplied me with DVDx
[email protected]
Send him an email

  madmax1968 12:26 11 Mar 2003

Try Kazza, i got it for nothing :-)

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