DVD writing problems

  TBH1 22:57 19 Apr 2004

I have recently upgraded my system which included DVD writer "+" and "-" Pioneer 107 jobbie. Tonight is the first time I have experienced any type of dvd writing, using DVD-RW discs. In my naivety ( how do you spell that ??), I thought it would be the same as writing to cdrw - - only bigger !!! I have been attempting to copy the restore partition, a size of less than 4gb, to a DVD-RW, using nero 6 - - -the files appear to copy but don't. I attempt to dom so again and I get the message "the disc in the drive is not a writable CD or is full" indicating, to me, that it did copy - - but when I put this disc in the DVD ROM and use windows explorer to browse, the system locks up and have to use the 3 fingered salute to get rid of it. I have gone through this process twice now, with 2 different DVD-RW's with same result.

Is copying to DVD a different ball-game than copying to CD ??

  stalion 23:09 19 Apr 2004

try copying video if you have any to see if you are burning ok and play on a DVD player .Computers can not play all formats of DVD.Regards

  TBH1 23:42 19 Apr 2004

I have no video to copy right now - - this system is quite new and still setting it up

  computernerdiamnot 00:20 20 Apr 2004

put a dvd film in and try to copy it and see, i think that was what TBH1 meant.

  computernerdiamnot 00:22 20 Apr 2004

sorry TBH1 i meant what stallion was saying

  TBH1 11:47 20 Apr 2004

great minds - - -I tried that but the DVD I was copying was protected - - I presumed all would be so didn't try anymore - - it was the Peter Kay at Bolton one.

I may add that on both occasions mentioned above, after what I thought was a successful copy, the files were listed on the DVD, but the names had little arrow thingies on, the ones sismilar to short-cut names - - -and a statement at the top saying that these files were ready to be copied. So I selected "copy files" , or something similar, then get the message that the CD is not writeable, or is full.

  Xevious 11:53 20 Apr 2004

lets not go down the dvd film copying route, as we all know it's illegal...

within nero 6 have you selected DVD as opposed to CD?

which interface are you using - is it the nero smartstart?

  Xevious 11:54 20 Apr 2004

startsmart... lol

  TBH1 12:08 20 Apr 2004

not sure how I interfaced with nero - - but defo dvd selected . Not at home right now so can't reproduce what I did

  Ironman556 12:10 20 Apr 2004

I've also recently bought a Pioneer 107 I've found it can be slightly piky about discs, and some write better than others. The Ritek G04 dye seems to work very well with the drive. click here stock the Ritek branded and the Datasafe both using G04. I've been using their dvd-r's as they're cheaper but tried a few +r's and they seem ok too.

I've never backed up a system fully with either CD or DVD, I just cpy across the files I want to keep. Using Nero works pretty much the same as a CD. I did have to download the updates from the Nero website though to get my drive recognised.

  Xevious 12:21 20 Apr 2004

agreed with Ironman556, i have the 105 and had to try a "test pack" - click here

this way you can find which disks will suit best

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