DVD Writing

  Bellboy 11:16 28 Jan 2004

When I burn a data DVD at 4x, using Discmaster, it takes 5hrs and can be read by all DVD drives.
When I burn a data DVD at 4x, using Nero 6,it takes 15min and can only be read by the drive on which it was written.
Does anyone know the technical reason for this?


  matt1234 11:58 28 Jan 2004

ok the program that writes for 5rhs is writing in a format that all dvd players can read

nero is writing in its own quicker format that only your drive can read!

im not an expert on nero but their should be and option to change this!

  Bellboy 12:29 28 Jan 2004

Problem is;
Five hours is unacceptable.
Does anyone know which settings control these different formats?

I am just learning these applications and get the same sort of variations when "backing up" movies.
In this case "Shrink" produces a movie which will play on a standard DVD Player in 30 mins, Nero takes 5 hrs???

  PA28 14:37 28 Jan 2004

I use Nero 6 to backup Data (and makes DVDs) and both the data disk and a movie DVD can be read by other drives without a problem. Could the fault be with your writer rather than the software, I wonder? I use a Pioneer 106 - it might be useful to post the writer that you are having the problems with.

  Bellboy 15:20 28 Jan 2004

>I use a Pioneer 106<
Thats interesting. I recently bought a Medion DVD writer from Aldi. It installed in Win98SE as a Pioneer 106D. There is a folder in the software supplied with other manufacturers and models , but I have left it as windows recognised it.

  Bellboy 15:29 28 Jan 2004

How long does it take to burn a 4.3Gig movie?

  PA28 20:02 30 Jan 2004

I haven't burned a movie of this size. But lesser creations such as 20 minute Pinnacle 8 productions burn in around 2 minutes (rendering takes a little longer but I don't regard this as part of the burn process. A 3.5Gb data backup takes around 15-20 minutes tops.

One suggestion that you might not welcome(!). I had endless problems with the 106 under Windows 98. I tried everything. Like you, I found burns took forever and the 106 was very picky about disks. I upgraded the firmware to 1.6 I think. No change. I removed all the ASPI drivers. No change. In desperation I formatted reinstalled 98SE - a bit of change but still unreliable and picky. I then formatted and installed XP Home. Utter transformation - writes at the speed of a jet and read/writes everything I stick in it without hesitation. Might be worth a try at about £80 OEM?

  Rennaissance 20:14 30 Jan 2004

all my dvds that i have burnt using nero 5.5 have worked with all dvd players and drives. A whole 4.7 gig dvd take me about 20 - 30 mins. 5 hrs does seem wrong.

  Bellboy 21:12 30 Jan 2004

My post was a bit misleading as the 5hrs includes re-coding/compression. Burning is probably only 20-30mins. I have also, only burned a few movies and all have been different lengths/compression, failures etc., so none have been standard. I have asked Medion if its OK to use the Firmware upgrade for a Pioneer 106D from the folder in the software. The Win98SE driver must be old, but the firmware upgrade might only be for XP.

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