DVD writers which package?

  Sheriff Rossco P Coltraine 16:30 15 Aug 2004

I currently looking into purchaseing a DVD writer as they are now extrmely well priced ;-)

However, having trawled around the different stores (on-line) there is a big difference in price and I would imagine a big difference in what you get e.g some are listed as 'OEM' or 'retail package'? What Im looking for is a Drive that includes all fixings, instructions etc and most importantly software i.e Nero6.

So, if someone could explain what the terminoligy means and point out which package has what im looking for I would be very greatfull

  buscrew 17:04 15 Aug 2004

Then you'd be better of with a retail package.

  Sheriff Rossco P Coltraine 17:06 15 Aug 2004

so the retail package will have everything in the box? + software?

  stalion 18:50 15 Aug 2004

best to check what software is included on the packaging it varies a lot some have software included and some do not

  Sheriff Rossco P Coltraine 18:56 15 Aug 2004

thats one of the problems really, on the sites like dabs.com they list the specs of the drive but not anything about what is included in the box, like what software there is etc. This is the same for both the OEM and retail packages.

  vinnyT 12:02 16 Aug 2004

Go to the drive makers site eg. lite-on and input the model of the drive you are looking at, it should then display the specs of the drive and the software suppliedwith it. If the site has a uk webpage, then use this for the most upto date info.

  cga 12:22 16 Aug 2004

The other thing to consider is what you want to use your DVD writer for. If it is just data then almost any software will do the job. If you want to do video editing then you may need to consider more carefully.

Nero6 is a good general purpose package that will do most tasks but may not do some as well as you would like. There has been a lot of problems and issues raised (on this forum) about Nero6 but I have been lucky and not suffered - but then I dont push its abiliites too far.

A Retail Package will normally come complete with software.

I've recently bought a Liteon 812S from Novatech and that came with PowerDVD & Sonic MyDVD (which includes RecordNow), plus 2 blank DVD Media (1xDVD-R & 1xDVD+R).

  stylehurst 14:26 16 Aug 2004

Novatech is always worth a look, if you click on the specification it will tell you what is included in the way of software.
Price-wise they are usually amongst the cheapest, and after sales service is always very good.

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