DVD Writer Software

  coolteentom 18:33 19 Jul 2004

Can anyone reccommend any good free downloadable dvd writer software, so I can backup my DVDs onto DVD-Rs?



  Big Elf 18:48 19 Jul 2004

DVD Decrypter from click here followed by DVD Shrink click here

  Mandy265 19:03 19 Jul 2004

Try "DeepBurner"click here

  coolteentom 19:43 19 Jul 2004

Thanks for the programs, I will try them immediately.

  david4637 20:04 19 Jul 2004

Could I please ask you a question - could you please say simply how you use DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink to make back up copies? Are there any snags? Thanks David

  david4637 20:08 19 Jul 2004

Could I please ask you a question - will Deepburner burn a DVD to make a back up copy?
Thanks David

  Gaz W 20:37 19 Jul 2004

I have a dual layer DVD writer. I believe DVD Shrink makes them small enough to fit on a standard 4.7GB disc. If I can write to 2 layers, does that mean I can cut out DVD Shrink bit?

If so, what would be my DVD copying procedure?

Sorry to ask this in your thread coolteentom, but if you have a dual layer writer it might be of use to you.

  leo49 20:43 19 Jul 2004

Only if you've got dual layer media - currently £8.49 per disc when they're in stock.....

click here

  coolteentom 21:25 19 Jul 2004

Thankyou all for adding your questions and advice on this thread. I am finding it useful and I'm sure other people are aswell.



  Big Elf 21:30 19 Jul 2004

DVD Decrypter removes the encryption from DVD's. I don't know whether it removes all encryption but it has done so on the DVD's I have in my collection. It's relatively easy to use but you may need to experiment with it to get experience. I only use it on an occasional basis now but don't remember any major problems with using it.

DVD Shrink can work OK if you accept the default settings but using the 're-author' option allows you to strip out a lot of the unneccessary stuff on a DVD like the ads, subtitles and foreign languages and means you can also change the compression ratio. Again you need to play with it for a while to understand the features.

I do a copy of a DVD for backup when I buy one and as it's a couple of months since I last did my memory is not exactly fresh.

With both programs using the defaults produces good/excellent results. To be honest I can't detect the difference in the ones I copied with compression to the later ones when I knew a bit more about it.

  Big Elf 21:36 19 Jul 2004

I'm not sure DVD Decrypter has burning options but I think (not really sure to be honest) that you could use Nero to burn the extracted files. I've never tried it.

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