DVD writer only reads.

  Dark Knight 20:07 06 Jan 2006

First an apology. I am posting this on behalf of a relative so the details might be a bit flakey or replies may be slow...

The PC originally had issues with getting NTL broadband to work. To solve the problem (and basically start afresh) they decided the blank their hard drive and start again. From what I gather I think they must have simply reinstalled over the top rather than conducted a complete format and reinstall etc.

Once this was done broadband etc now worked hence they initially thought it was a success. However, the problems started when they tried to write to a DVD. Basically, the drive is able to read CDs (possibly DVDs didn't check) i.e. if you go to explorer you can read what is on the drive etc and it auto runs.

However, when you go to write the drive is not found. Initially they were using Burn for free software and subsequently have tried Nero - neither of which identify the drive to be able to write to. The latest driver for the DVD was downloaded and installed but still no luck.

There are other strange things happening also for instance when logging in it gives you two options of wiondows from which to choose - both of which are identical (Not an XP user so am not sure if this is normal or not...).

Also the computer has two small HDDs. When you save data to one it is duplicated in the second. Not sure if all these things are related.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:34 06 Jan 2006

Write TO DVD =
My computer - right click the drive select properties - recording tab - make sure "Enable CD writing on this drive" is ticked.

logging in it gives you two options of wiondows=
they must have reinstalled another version of XP on the drive, Start -run type MSCONFIG prss enter - check the boot.ini tab and click chek drive paths. If both remain delete the version of windows that had the problems. that do again.

If everything copied to seperate drive then sounds as if the drives are set in Raid configuration.

  Dark Knight 22:55 06 Jan 2006

I have sent them instructions regarding the DVD recording and will post back one way or another..

I will also pass on the stuff regarding installing a second XP

The drives were not (or at least it was noticed before) copying data between them before the reinstall of windows. Would this make the difference? What is the best way to prevent/stop this copying of data.

Thanks again.

  Skills 01:35 07 Jan 2006

The built in burning function in XP does not support writing to DVD's.

Check that the drive will read dvds also check and see if there are any problems shown up in the device manager.

  Dark Knight 22:55 15 Jan 2006

Thanks for the responses so far. My relative has just informed me they are using Windows 2000 and not Xp as originally stated in my original email. The suggestions given above for XP have been tried and nothing has worked. Any further suggestions.

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