DVD writer not recognising Blank disks

  alternator 13:26 22 Oct 2007

I have a Dell dimension 9150 with a HL-DT-ST DVD+RW GWA41648 with a driver version 5.1.2535.0 dated 01/07/2001 from Microsoft. I haven't updated this driver as I haven't found a replacement. I have however uninstalled the hardware and overwritten the firmware. It however will still not recognize a blank disk it keeps ejecting them. But will read a disk with data on it. Any help greatly appreciated. Computer is running XP

  Andy1991 13:37 22 Oct 2007

Are you sure you have the write type of DVD (If it is a DVD) DVD writers eitehr support +, -, or both. it will say on the front of the drive. For example if the disc is a DVD-RW\R and you have a DVD+RW Drive, then it will not work in it.

  Andy1991 13:40 22 Oct 2007

I would also suggest formatting the disc with a CD suite or something, or maybe have alook at the drive status, START > right click "My COmputer" > Select Properties > Select Hardware tab > Select Device manager button > Look for your drive in the list, and double click it, and have a look at the Box in the middle of the new window to see if it is discribing any errors with it.

I hapen to have this problem sometimes. to tell you the truth I have this problem sometimes, and i dont know any exact cure, as i have seen it with nearly all drives i use.

  alternator 13:42 22 Oct 2007

I am actually trying to get to recognize a CD at the moment I haven't got around to DVDs. But I have checked the DVDs I have and they correspond

  alternator 13:44 22 Oct 2007

and the Device Manager indicates that all is working properly.

  Andy1991 13:48 22 Oct 2007

Sometyimes it is just explorer that wont do it, and just comes up with an error. try a CD writing package: like

CDBurner XP Pro: click here

  alternator 13:50 22 Oct 2007

Will give this a try and will report back, it might not be until tomorrow, I have been called out on a call.

  jack 15:12 22 Oct 2007

As mentioned in another with DVD problems.
XP Read and burns CD's Reads DVD but does not Burn DVD's
You do need a third party burn software to Burn DVD's
XP Pro is a good one as mentioned and Free to boot

  HCOOH 15:31 22 Oct 2007

Is your autoplay set to "take no action" for blank media.

  bruno 17:42 22 Oct 2007

I had this problem and I tried many solutions.The only thing that cured it was a re-install of XP.It appears there was a software conflict causing it.I even tried buying a new dvd/cd writer,but of course it did not cure it.My mate had this problem last week and he cured it by doing a system restore in Ccleaner.He had used it to clean up his system and some file had been cleared out which shouldn't have been.Fortunately, this programme can do a back up before it cleans, in case of problems.

  alternator 13:01 23 Oct 2007

Sorry for the delay in replying
The CD burner XP pro seems to have the same problems as Nero and Sonic digital Media. The autoplay was set to open CD Burner XP pro, but when you put in a CD not a lot happens.
If anyone has any further ideas I would be grateful otherwise it looks like a new burner is on the shopping list, although it has hardly been used

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