DVD writer locks the pc but burns fine

  Garawa 13:59 04 Sep 2009

I have an NEC DVD +-RW ND-3530A disk drive in my Dell desktop running Windows XP SP3. Quite a while ago I had an issue where burning cd or mp3 discs locked up the pc completely if I used MediaMonkey (all else including video buring was fine).

This now works perfectly, however the issue has now reverted to simple reading of discs whether reading picture discs, playing a dvd or simply checking a burn I had just completed. I cannot find a later driver for the one I have and there is no support on the NEC website.

I don't think the drive can be faulty if it burns so well. If I am still able to use the pc after a lockup, it won't give the disc back. Most times I have to switch off by the power button and try to eject before it trys reading the disc on bootup before it locks again.

Any ideas (it did read the older messages but this seems a bit different)?

  GaT7 14:08 04 Sep 2009

The DVD burning software or similar might be locking the drive. Download & install the free Unlocker click here. Right-click the drive *when it locks-up*, & select Unlocker. Does it show if anything is locking it? If yes, unlock the process(es) within Unlocker until *nothing* is locking it any more & try again.

You can also, removing & re-seating the IDE cable or another IDE cable.

If no joy with the above, & nothing else helps, consider a new drive. These are only £15-20 to buy new. Let us know if you need suggestions. G

  GaT7 14:10 04 Sep 2009

"....until *nothing* is locking it any more & try ejecting it the normal way." G

  Jim_F 14:42 04 Sep 2009

Because reading and writing use different components (reading uses light produced by a low powered laser reflected up to a photcell of some description) it is quite possible the drive is faulty. Because DVDs and CDs operate at different wavelengths its equally possible for them to behave differently.

Its worth trying a lens cleaner but if the drive won't read commercial CDs (which have higher reflectivity) then its probably faulty.

If not due to software problems your lockups could be just windows trying to read the disc status - the drive is reporting that a disc is present but won't read it !

  Stuartli 14:43 04 Sep 2009

>>I cannot find a later driver for the one I have and there is no support on the NEC website.>>

Optical drives only require the basic Windows CDROM driver which is installed automatically - functions of a rewriter are controlled by burning software such as Nero.

After checking the cables, try Uninstalling the drive in Device Manager and then Rebooting.

Windows will Find New Hardware and reinstall the CDROM driver.

  Garawa 16:28 04 Sep 2009

Thanks, I will try some of these when I get a few minutes. Not sure the unlocker would work. I went through something similar when I thought it was an issue with MediaMonkey but to no avail. The main issue was that if it locked the whole pc (95% of the time) it also locked the debug log before it had a chance to work.

Just seems weird that it can cope with burning a movie but not playing some music!

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