DVD Writer installation

  belmore1 17:34 14 Mar 2006

I have a DVD-ROM, and CDRW. I intended to replace the CDRW with a DVD Writer, but had trouble removing the CDRW. Did all the right things, remove screws, ribbon-style cable and smaller cable etc. It would not 'slide' out as expected.
Have given up on that idea and will use the spare slot for the DVD Writer instead.

I know that with the other two drives is a Slave and a Master. What happens after that?

Would appreciate some advice on installing the DVD Writer into the spare slot.

  ACOLYTE 17:58 14 Mar 2006

Make the dvd the master and cd the slave,connect the top most ribbon conector to the dvd and the middle one to the cd.May be fiddly if the cd is above the dvd in the slot order.Have you tried removing the front of the base unit? it may slide out then.

  BRYNIT 19:03 14 Mar 2006

This may be a silly question but have you removed the front of the case. If not you may need to remove this before you can remove or replace the CD-RW.

  woodchip 19:10 14 Mar 2006

You have to load the software you got with it or you will not be able to write DVD's

  belmore1 08:08 15 Mar 2006

Thanks for the advice. Will have another go at removing the CDRW. If still not possible will use the spare slot.

  Terry Brown 08:52 15 Mar 2006

Have you removed the screws from both sides of the CDRW ?, Depending on the case, you may have to take the other side of the case off to access them.I have a phillips screwdrive which I have magnetised, so thet for awkward jobs, it hold the screw while you insert or remove it.

  €dstowe 09:09 15 Mar 2006

Best to keep magnets away from the insides of computers. A better way is to hold the screw on the driver with a piece of BluTak or well chewed chewing gum.

  belmore1 12:26 15 Mar 2006

Managed to remove the front case, changed the CDRW for the DVD Writer. Now the pc doesn't recognise either the DVD-ROM or Writer. Have tried re-boot. I am beginning to lose the will to live. Help please!

  De Marcus™ 12:32 15 Mar 2006

Did you check the jumpers on the back of the drive were set to the appropriate master/slave?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:33 15 Mar 2006

How to install a front loading drive (with pictures)
click here

If will not recognise drives then check cables in fully (power and ribbon), cables corrct way round,
jumpers arre correct Master on DVD writer slave on DVD Rom.

  belmore1 14:02 15 Mar 2006

The CDRW is back in place together with the DVD-Rom as originally and working ok. Have installed the DVD Writer in the spare slot but now the pc doesn't recognise that. Maybe something to do with the IDE cable attached. I am giving up on this installation for a while. Will try again when in the right frame of mind!

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